Driver for Bluetooth at Dell Inspiron 1525

shikha - Updated on Jan 10, 2019 at 08:08 AM
 Justin - Dec 18, 2017 at 08:56 AM

I would like to install driver for Bluetooth for my Dell notebook model no. Inspiron 1525. I am using Window XP operating system.

Would appreciate any help!
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

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It look hard to do but it isn't. If you do what I say you'll be able to solve your problems with Bluetooth in the Inspiron 1525 laptop.

A. Download the driver at

- 1. Go to Dell Site
- 2. Click on the link Drivers & Downloads in the end of the site.
- 3. Select your model ("Laptops", "Inspiron Laptop", "1525") and confirm it.
- 4. Click on Network.
- 5. Download the Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR)
- 6. Save the file R140135.exe.

B. Install the driver:

- 1. Execute the file R140135.exe.
- 2. Open the folder
- 3. Execute the file Setup.exe.
- 4. When the driver ask you to active your Bluetooth antena, click in Cancel.
- 5. Open the folder C:\dell\drivers\R140135\3100_216\Win32.
- 6. Execute the file Inst.exe.
- 7. Click in Next button to begin the installation.

Note: When the software ask you to active the Bluetooth, do not cancel.

- 8. Open the folder
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software
- 9. Execute the file BTTray.exe. The icon will appear in the system tray (next the clock).
- 10. Click with the right button in Bluetooth icon and turn it on.
- 11. The installation will continue automatically.
- 12. Click in OK button to finish.

I hope it help you!
Hi Verediano,

I have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop and I have upgraded my windows to windows 7 but i'm unable to run bluetooth on my laptop. I tried your idea in above post but it didn't work out. After executing "Inst.exe" the software didn't ask to activate bluetooth device. Even then I tried executing the "BTTray.exe" file but nothing appeared in the tray although a service called BTTray was running(as I saw it in task manager). But when I try to start bluetooth nothing happens and when I try to send something via Bluetooth(by right click->send->bluetooth) then bluetooth send wizard starts but it fails to send after I click next.
Please suggest some ideas for getting my bluetooth software started.
In anticipation of a fast and positive result.
Thanks for listening me out.
when I execute the ttray no icon appers in the taskbar
where is network option in the site page????better try the site .. we have network option there. try it guys it will work..
hi! pls help... when downloading drivers for dell inspiron 1525, with windows XP as the os, the file for bluetooth under "networks" is R161378. But on running this, it still asks me to press fn+f2 to activate the bluetooth. However, nothing happens on pressing Fn & F2 :-(
Pls help me. I want to know how to solve this problem for bluetooth on dell inspiron 1525 with windows XP...
it worked! kudos! thanks much!