Strange Computer Boot Problems

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 aanjana03 - Feb 12, 2010 at 12:55 AM
I have a desktop that uses IDE/ultra ATA, it has on hard drive in it currently. I also have a netbook that has a 1.8 ZIF hard drive. I bought an IDE/ZIF adapter. The 1.8 zif drive has windows problems and needs to be formatted. I set it up in my desktop using the adapter as a slave. This is the strange problem
I turn the computer on, the activity light stays lit, the fans run at full speed, but it doesn't boot into BIOS or anything, nothing on the monitor either. As soon as I unplug the ZIF SSD, it boots right up into windows.

Any ideas? This just puzzles me how this is keeping my computer from booting.

My computer has an AMD Athlon X2 64
2GB ram
150watt PSU

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some time ram creat this type problem so take out ram and rub by eraser( pencilrubber) and keep ram another slaut it can help u.