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 dabboo -
I have three Hard disk drives on my laptop. The details: Hard disk C has a total 15 GB space, Partition D has 268 GB space and E has 181 GB. All the work I do goes only to Hard disc C and space in Hard disc D and E remains unutilized. Is there any way I can transfer the additional surplus space from Hard disc D and E to Hard disc C say 250 GB in C and 125 each in D and E

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Hi there,

Open run,type diskmgmt.msc,it will open disk management.Right click on the drive D or E: and delete it,before deleting remove all your data and save in other partition.After having deleted it will be in raw disk,Now right click on C or D which you want to increase the size and select extend,enter the amount you want or all available and it will increase its size.IF you didnt enter all amount of available you can make another partition from it .

well I have already tried your way but when I right click on C in the disk manager the extend volume option only 'greys' and doesn't highlight for me to go any further. I am in deep trouble. Kindly help.

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