Re-installing xp

zach - Oct 2, 2008 at 08:49 AM
 zach - Oct 2, 2008 at 04:20 PM

I have as a second pc a dell dimension 8100. My hardrive is a Seagate ST320413a 20Gb. I am attempting to completely format this (I think it is refered to as logical format...may me wrong) and use as a secondry drive or even primary.. The problem occurs when I try to format using 'My computer' right click format, after a while it says format not completed. I then re-installed windows xp which was fine, however files and program files still remained on the c drive(taking up a few Gb). As a result when I reboot it shows me 2 windows xp pro options!!!

Please help in advising how to completey format the drive (NTFS) ..... could it be an issue with hidden partitions?

Currently it is configured under basic disk configuration.Finally , when I attempt to reboot and press F12, I dont get the F12 screen (boot from cd, is th eoption im looking for). It continues with normal start up.

Please help, your time is appreciated.

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try contacting your computer manufacturer, and again, do not format a hard drive using windows, the same thing happened to me once, it will actually leave some data on the hard drive and some data fragments, if you can't access the f12 menu try going to the BIOS and set your CD-ROM as the primary boot device.
Thanks. I did a reboot from cd and it worked. I have a dvd and cd rom and the BIOS wasn't set up right, it was going to the empty drive first. All fixed nnow