Xp loading problem

sujoy - Oct 3, 2008 at 06:01 AM
 Joe Burman - Mar 11, 2010 at 05:50 PM
im sujoy my lap top is compaq presario c300 tu model.when im trying to install windows xp sp2 after loading cd it shown 3 choice 1)enter to install 2) r to repair 3) f3 to exit . then im press any key it show my hard disk is not connected properly. but vista is still loading. what can i do sir???

thanking you

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Dear suj

First you have to know that sometimes you can be able to continue with the ascend of a hard drive the only stage that you cant run away from it, it is the partition stage where it will demand the present of a hard drive, my advice to you is that it might happen that one of your cable is causing failer especially that one of a hard drive open your computer and replace the cable with the other one you know that is working
Dear suj

After doing that move to the POST(Power Self On Test) or maybe you might know it as BIOS settings to see the present of your Hard Drive
thank you for helping,

dear sir,
my laptop is presario c300tu.my laptop is not sata supportable.when i am disable sata in my bios cd drive is working. when sata enable pc take boot then suddenly shut down & restart. continuing this problem.means my cd drive depend on sata. also my prossaror light are continuing shown, not bluinking.what can i do sir, please tell me.
thats why i cant formate laptop. also have some more problem during sata enable take xp cd load then a screen shown r for repair enter for install f3 for quite when i press any key it shown hard disk is not properly connected.my cd drive is not showing in my xp. but when i load vista no problem are showing.i am a designer some design software
are not support vista thats why i need xp.please help meee......

lots of thanks again
Joe Burman > joy
Mar 11, 2010 at 05:50 PM
I have had a similar problem. What you need to do is to install windows from a flash drive. There are many programs that can convert a CD or DVD version of Windows XP and allocate them to a flash drive. When setting the boot options from BIOS, make sure you set USB HARD DRIVE as your first drive loaded. Its pretty easy to do, many of the programs made to transfer Windows to a flash drive come with instructions. Good luck my friend!