Laptop wont recognise Hard disk

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Hello,Drewdotcom here

I am trying to install a larger HDD on my laptop
it wont boot into windows but will into DOS
I have tried with the boot cd and boot floppy
but still no joy

the laptop is a dell Latitude CPI A366xt

what is the correct sequence to achieve my aim

thanking you all in advance


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You may need to update the CMOS settings for the hard drive. At boot-up press F2 until it transfers into the BIOS. Once in the BIOS you should see a setting for the hard disk. If it still shows your OLD hard drive you have found the problem. There might be an option to AUTO DETECT the hard drive. Try that option. Some times just entering the BIOS screen will fix this kind of problem.

You may have installed a new drive that is too large for the BIOS to understand.

You started DOS from a disket? can you see the contents of the hard drive while in DOS?
the DOS commands are CD c:\ to change directory to the C drive
DIR to view the directory of the C drive

How did you transfer Windows to the new hard drive or did you reload it from the CD? Did you change the BIOS Boot order telling it to start from the CD drive when loading XP? If so, change it back to start from the hard drive.
Drewdotcom Posts 5 Registration date Wednesday October 1, 2008 Status Member Last seen October 3, 2008
Oct 3, 2008 at 12:18 PM
Thank you kindly
I will certainly try each of your suggestions in turn
and will let you know what has or is happening

I have two other problem machines

1 laptop that I tried to load Ubuntu on to replace windows
and now it just keeps stating
no bootable device that is a Dell inspiron 3700 with 40 gig drive that was partioned in two parts by previous owner

as 4gig on c drive as master
and 36gig on e drive as master
but I cant get onto the E except for defraging only

the second Sir
I hope you dont mind my asking in this way
is a desk top pc
has two drives
1 X 40gig master
1X 250gig slave
the problem is that I cant get back on line with it
it keeps giving limmited or no connectivity message and no matter what I try
windows wont repair the connection or cant repair the connection

it is not the home gateway as I am connected ok on this old dinosaurus contraption of a dell csx lappy

please help if you can
kindest regards
If the drive is a SATA then go into setup and disable SATA controls
The Correct sequence is CD Drive/ DVD Drive then hard Drive. If you have Windows 98 or me installing A new hard Drive won't work. You will need to reload windows. But if this is Windows 2000, Xp or 7 again reload windows. If Possiable.

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