Cannot get to login screen on Win 7

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I have a Dell Latitude E6400 Windows 7 laptop. As of last night, I cannot startup my computer. Whenever I do, I get a disk check that freezes upon completion of Journal verification of OS. Whenever I skip the check, I get a black screen with a mouse. Upon pressing ANYTHING, the monitor turns off. I tried the Repair option that shows up when the computer fails startup, but that proves to do nothing, as it just runs and runs and never ends. When doing Advanced options, the same problems happen, cannot startup from Safe Mode with C Prompt, or it's just a black screen with the mouse cursor (although the monitor is still on). I really need help with this, I'm a student who needs this school-issued computer for a Java Programming class, please!

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Did you fit F8 and run the Dell diagnostics to check for hardware errors?
Tried that, but I needed the Administrator password to get in (which I don't have, and cannot get to, since the school is in possession of it, and I can't go and fix it until the 16th).