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i have problems on my desktop and start menu they're all gone and its almost two months till now i can't retrieve it. I already do all the suggestions i get from the internet still nothing happens. I only able to access the internet and other program and files thru the taskmanager.
I already try to reformat my laptop, but after i turn it off the next time i use it again i encounter same problem.
what should i do? im using windows xp pack3, pentiumM , internet explorer 8

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Try this:

Click on the Start button and then click on the Run menu item. When the Run box opens, type %UserProfile%\desktop in the Open: field and then press Enter on your keyboard.

Glad to be of service
You are awesome!! Thanks
Thank you for the immediate response.
I did your suggestion just right now still it didn't work. I typed it in the task manager (newtask run)is the command. I cannot do it in the start button cause it's also gone.
Then,(choose the program you want to open this file) comes out followed by the files present in the desktop that disappeared.

hope you could help me on this.
thank you.