AcerPower SP - Bad Power Button? How To Test? [Closed]

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Hope someone can make sense of this...

When I push in the power button, the power light goes on for 2 seconds or so. cpu fan spins, then everything dies - no boot-up, screen display - zip. I can keep pushing the power button, and the same thing happens over and over.

Switched out the power supply, cleaned motherboard and all connections, switched memory in bays (memory new - about 4 month old). Battery good.

The reason I was thinking that the problem was the power switch is because I know it was acting buggy for awhile - sometimes you had to press it two or three times to get the computer to come on.

Whats the easiest way to test the switch (today) without ordering a new one? Can I bypass switch somehow and have computer on all the time? Any other troubleshooting suggestions?
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good day...
hi..i have a acer extensa 4220 laptop, I bought this one last year but now I had a problem in my laptop..when I press my laptop power button not switching on...i have to press 5-6 times for switch on...some times I have a different problem that is when I switch on the main power in that time it will booting automatically...then I tried to shutdown the system, it's turned off ..then again I tried from power button from laptop for switching on it's never on.. I don't what is the problem happend in my laptop..some time if I removed my laptop battery then I tried for switch on it will switching on automatically...please send me a solution this problem....thank you for your kind consideration..

Thank you, faizal 6

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