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I am trying to connect my Hp Laptop to my Toshiba Tv to watch a movie at work.

I have done the same at home with the same PC and my samsung TV at home with no issue.

When I connect the laptop with an HDMI cable to the TV at work and select the "PC" input from the menu on the Tv the screen on the TV remains blank.

I have tried Fn F4 to shift to dual monitor/projection mode (which I don't have to do on the TV at home) and this still does nothing.

the TV doesn't seem to detect the laptop....any suggestions?
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If you're connecting with HDMI why you're choosing PC input? You need to hoose HDMI input.

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Nope, sorry...

The issue is the TV doesn't seem to recognize the laptop is plugged in at picture, nothing....this is not an issue with sound.
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You can check these links for help:

This will work for Windows 7