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Hello, can someone please help me.My friend is livebox connected and I want to link up using WiFi but my PC see's the livebox but is unable to connect. There seems to be a padlock symbol showing that needs to be unlocked. I have asked my friend who cannot get into the livebox software as he has forgotten his username and password. I have tried ringing Orange to no avail. What can I do?
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the padlock it the wep key which is written on the bottom of the livebox, also make sure you press the number 1 button on the livebox to sync it wiv pc otherwise it will just be a pending connection :O)

Thank you, jkc 25

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but how do you do it on a wii, is the password 26 digits ?
yes the password is the digits on the bottom of the box, I think it says WEP key next to it, when connectin wii press the number 1 button on the livebox to start syncing it put in the password (WEP key-digits) on the wii. The password is case sensistive so make sure you have the capitals on and dont worry about typing in the - between, only the numbers/letters. :O)
and let me know if this works :O)
it is not gonna be solved guys without the help of me
HMM, most of it has been resolved lol
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You have to put the livebox in "association" mode : http://translate.google.com/...
And after, you have to configure your wireless connection on Vista : http://translate.google.com/...
The Wep key is on the livebox label : http://translate.google.com/...
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Thanks for the heads up, but even tweeking the items you suggested I still have no connection. In fact the error messages state:

1) Limited or No Connectivity (I have tried to repair this and I got the following error message :- Invalid IP address)

2) I have tried to set up the network but it doesn't register the WIFI product being disconnected and reconnected and throws up a microsoft error message 871122

The padlock symbol has still not been released from my network connections diagram, so I can see info is being passed from my PC to the livebox but it is not communicating with me.

What else can I do?
Thank you
forgot my pastword can I change it
hi yes you can, you have to reset the router, its a tiny button somewhere on the router usually use a paperclip ect to push it, usuall found by other buttons
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Thank you
Go to to" Internet Options"--->Then click on the "Connections" tab and click on "LAN Settings..." button and verify if the case "Use a proxy server for your LAN " is always unchecked.

Just a quick message of thanks, as I am now up and working.
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Happy to have been able to help you. Good continuation.
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i have a problem, I am trying to connect to livebox on my laptop, I am putting in the 26 letter key but stil wont let me connect to it, how do I change the key so it wil connect to my laptop under wpa or something with a shorter key??
could sum1 help me...
where you type in the 26 digit key make sure you change WPA to WEP, hope it helps :)
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Read this concerning the microsoft error message 871122 : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/871122/en
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Thanks again for the heads up, but now I have another problem that goes onwards from clearing the last.

According to my computer I can now be connected to the livebox, but when I try to connect to the internet I get the following message come up

403 Forbidden

and the words underneath that read: Access Denied and something about Access Control List?

Can you help?
hi just reading ur post, re error 403 usually means webpage doesnt exist or is a 'bad' page, if you know the webpage your visiting is legit then it can mean you have a virus of sorts...
Thank you
hi how do I get live box wpa key so I can use it on my pHone
Thank you
look under your live box its printed on the bottom.
Thank you
I have a I pod touch. How can I get internet.I mean I wish I was abel to get it any were.
Is there any way I could buy a wifi to put into my I pod touch so I am able to get it any were.
What is the point of having internet so you can ONLY use it at home I dont get that at all.
Thank you please email back.
buy an iphone
you should get mifi its like router but its got no wires
Brunette with blonde tendancies - Jan 30, 2010 at 03:08 AM
Thank you
I'm having similar problems...exchanged my old livebox for the new mini 2 now I can't connect my lappy either with WIFI or ethernet...

At first I was having IP problems which is now resolved...

Now when trying to connect on the lappy ..browser advises the connection has timed out...

I have sorted the "LAN Settings..." and verified that "Use a proxy server for your LAN " is unchecked. ... (it wasnt previously but is now) but I still cannot connect...

Any ideas???
Sorry,but I not use LIVEBOX now but my wii cant get internet
and I dont understand the PROXY SERVER and that whas bored :(
Thank you
:( It's a wii pwn but I cant get intaanet in my wii...
And that whas bored,wifi no connected wifi no connected):
on wii go to internet connections, make sure ur router is in pairing mode on livebox it is button 1, belkin does it automatically, type in your routers password (wep/wpa key) should then connect
Thank you
Thank you
hi there u have to press button number 2 on the side of the orange live box.. to allow the livebox to give a gateway for a new computer to connect to the wifi hope this helps
Thank you
... It's my Wii Wifi connection problem...
And I want to get internet in my Wii :(