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I have to compare 3 columns (A,B AND C) filled with names and return, in another column (E), the list adding the names from the 3 columns (A+B+C-AB-AC-BC-ABC). The problem is that I have to exclude all duplicated names from the final list.

How do I do that?

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dding the names from the 3 columns (A+B+C-AB-AC-BC-ABC).
this is not clear

I have given a solution for similar problem for two columns in t\

see whether you can modify that solution to suit you
in an empty columns(row 1 is having colulmn heading ) e.g.F2
type the formula A2&B2&C2
and copy F2 down

Modify the macro there (changing E to F) and run the macro

first do this solution (concatenating and running the macro) on a sample data.
Thank you

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Sorry, it is unclear.

The problem I have is this: I have three lists with 50 names each. I have to create another list in which I will have all the names os the other lists apart from duplicated ones. So the last list won`t necessarily have 150 names, because there are names that can be duplicated in the other columns. So what I need is to Add taking away the intersections you see?

Although it may seem harder, I would like to do it without using macros, just formulas from the excel. Is that possible?

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