Card Not Formatted error. HELP!

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I have a canon rebel xs eO5 and recently after taking over 200 pictures an error came up saying card not formatted, format card with this camera. I NEED THESE PHOTOS! I've tried putting the card in a different camera, printers with card readers, and an actual memory card reader for my mac. As far as the printer and cameras go, they say the same error or say "not recognized". When I plug the reader into my mac and put the card in, the card doesnt even show up. I know it's not a faulty reader because it worked fine with another card I had. Is there any way of getting my pictures back!? ive tried a few recovery programs but the card doesnt show up. I've heard you can send the card somewhere and someone can get the pictures back but I dont know where? Please help! these photos are irreplaceable

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I am having the exact same issue with my canon! Hoping you had some luch recovering your pictures!?!?!? Any advice? We have been trying all night to figure out what is going on:(
and if your done retrieving your files,photos and can reformat sure you know how to plug your memory card...i hope so...then format's how to reformat your memory card...

1. Plug your memory card into a reader the plug your reader onto your PC, mac or laptop
2. Open your my computer or windows explorer then find removable drive sure not the c: or d: drive.
3. Right click and select format...
4. Under the format data you can see how much is the capacity of your memory card...
5. Select file format FAT not FAT32,FAT16 nor NTFS...
6. Do not check any under the format option then start!
7. w8 and your done!safely remove always your memory card or USB flash drive after your done!
8. enjoy of saving files and taking picture's and save to your memory card or USB good luck!

I have been having the same problem with my XS. I take out my card then take out my battery. Then reinsert battery and card. Then turn on camera. It has worked for me so far...Hope this helps...
Same exact problem. Let me know if you find a solution!
I am having a same issue with my sd card from our camera it worked earlier in the day now cant access said to format it, but will lose everything.. I need those pictures badly. Tried several programs to retrieve them but nothing and I know its not the card reader on my printer it worked prior with another card and on that card too.
I really need those pictures if you find a solutions please let me know. Thank you.