Why goes off an on maybe every 2 hours

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Why does my computer goes off black then comes back on ok? It does this once in a while maybe every 2 hours or so. I do not like this at all please help me .

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It's not a difficult task.I thought an idea and it worked.Just change the year to 2008.The problem is solved.
I think they wrote a program to make it do like that after it's test period.so i just changed the year.If any one found any other solution please mail to vamsidragon@gmail.com
Thank you

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THIS WORKED THANK YOU vamsi !!!!!!!!!
this work for me too,
is there a patch i can use so i can change my system clock back to normal

Please email me. Hackmxc@yahoo.com
this is working but when i changed date and time settings internert is showing problems, plz do u hve solution fr this
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dear Why goes off an on maybe every 2 hours f/m

well i have been in the same situation and the same thing i can say to you is have some
one check it out i tried fixing my computer when it did that and lets it didn't end up well
if you need any one to talk to at all send me a message i have been in alot of situations so i think i can
help you in situations xsashax
can u help me wth this problm
Because it is an RC version of Windows 7 and will expire on July 01, 2010. And it will cause bi-hourly shutdown starting on March 01, 2010. I suggest you wil change your date on the computer (before march 1). It is proven to prevent bi-hourly shutdown. Nice Day!
my computer restarts every 2 hours
Cool. Thanks guys for posting the date change fix. Reboots were driving me nuts. The only two things I can think of to contribute are:

1. If your computer has incorrect time, it might mess-up networking to other computers or cause strange system behavior.

2. I was thinking of "upgrading" my expiring RC install of Windows with a Retail copy. But I think it's better to just install clean to either another partition, or backup the data, reformat, and start fresh.