How to delete windows live messenger beta

 Sammi -
Hi can someone help me to remove windows life messenger beta fron my pc I just i dont want anymore on my pc nn thank you

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Thanks a lot Michael
God bless you
ANSWER: Uninstall/Remove Windows Live

If you can't UNINSTALL Windows Live version 8.1 or 9 or whatever, or can't re-install old version because it says new version is still in the system, then you must download a program name ZapMessenger. Open it, push START in the icon button and it will remove anything has to do with Windows Live, then you reinstall which ever Windows Live version you desire, but I think Windows Live 8.5 to 9 don't work on some Windows XP with SP2. Goodluck everyone & I hope you can copy and paste this into other forums to help them. Thanks

use "Handy Uninstaller "
then open program find windows live messenger and uninstall it

// its shown above message i just make it clear for ppl to see
OMG!!! This sulution is so cool! I've got rid of version9!! yeah!!!! XDXD
I have uninstaller program named as (your uninstaller 2008) and i have it in the programs list as windows life family safety and i just uninstalled from there..
all i wanna now is how to uninstall it its driving me crazy :O plz reply and tell me how xx
i tried everything that ppl said in here and nothing worked UNTIL i found this :

ok now install this program ( sry the page is in french just drag down a lil and click on the blue arrow )
then all you have to do when you open this program ( read the instructions if u want ) is to click on "enter " .

its the only thing that worked for me . and trust me , i tried EVERYTHING LOL
i hope it will work for you too =)

this live messenger thing was driving me crazy !!!!

my problem was that i tried so many things , that i ve deleted too much of wlm so i couldnt find it ANYWHERE in my computer .

u can also try to restore your computer the day before you have install wlm 2009 .. maybe another option ..
anyways good luck ppl =D
Have you installed the Windows Live Messenger plus a couple of other apps? You should be able to uninstall them all from Add/Remove Programs , Windows Live Essentials. Microsoft have cunningly hidden Messenger in there!

i went there.
and deleted all the files from the folder individually.
then deleted the folder :)
then it was gone!!
i love file assassin :)
worked like a charm
hope i helped. :D

Well I Have The Same Probelm Now , I Have Had Dis Before .. But I Deleted it before
Wot I Done Was
Control Panel - Add And Remove Programs
And Den I Deleted EVERYTHING that belonged to windows live messinger than it took me back to the old one .
I Hope My Answer Helps You
Thx a lot michael to delete the msn messanger 9 the removal software is great this work fine!!!
guys help! i was trying to uninstall my windows live messenger, but i deleted the files thinking it was uninstall, but now i cant find them and uninstall them properly!
Please Somebody help I have deleted Every Thing Nothing is left excpet Family Shit I mean Family safty Lol I have got winodows live messenger 8.1 And started to install It . it tells Me You have on your computer A the Last Virision >_> The Only thing I want to Know What is the Matter if i removed This Family safty It will works Or What Any help guyz Plz answer Soooooon
Go to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer and run "wlarp.exe" which is the Windows Live Installer. Then you can choose what to remove/keep. I'm doing it now, fingers crossed.
100% uninstall Windows Live Messenger 2009

Click Start Menu - - Run - - Type Msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}

Thank you Sajiid!!!
for remove Windows Live 2009
try this:

msiexec /x {F6D0986F-D9A8-479B-A80F-61D53CDF65BA}
msiexec /x {BFADC6FB-3C8F-1ED4-2B6E-524FCE72AC2A}

thanks all this worked for me

Msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}
OK I have read every post here and tried it all. But here is how I was able to succesfully get rid of that damned thing. I re installed it and went to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer and clicked the messenger thing with the two lil men on it. It's going to ask if you want to uninstall or repair. Just click uninstall. After 12 hours I am finally gettin rid of this thing NEVER to get it again!! Micosoft makes it impossible to get rid of anything once you dl it.
THX Michael !! :D