How to delete windows live messenger beta

 Sammi -
Hi can someone help me to remove windows life messenger beta fron my pc I just i dont want anymore on my pc nn thank you

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Most all uninstall program from Microsoft leave something left on computers..
Like exempel if someone having truble to login at Windows Live Messenger 2009, after you had used Beta version before.. It has something to do with your email-folders in system and files, and register-value i can also be left on computer..
Go to my website and

This will work 100 procent correct..

Some files of Windows Live Messenger are always left one computer even if you had uninstalled that program !
This program removes all files that had came with that program and other !!

When i tried to remove exemple Adobe Dreamweaver CS 3, i had tried many kinds of uninstallers for programs..
This uninstall program works when it is registerd !!
Thanks abderrahim
it finally worked .. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx alot really u saved me .. ive been tryin to delete it like 4 ages ..
ur the best .. gd luck ... byee tc
hey thnx sajid this reallly works!
Hello every one

its so simple dear just install revo downloader in your computer and use hunter mode hold the hunter mode icon n bring it on live messenger and its show u some opt. but u select uninstall opt.and del all files of live messenger
hey i tried this prog and it worked,its rivo uninstaller...thats a direct link:

after u open it...try the hunter mode then point on any program u want to uninstall and it will be removed

ex. u can point on the windows live messenge 9 icon in the taskbar....then it will be removed isa
There is an uninstaller :)
go to control panel -> programs and features -> windows Live essentials

uninstall it. As simple as that.

Learn that sometimes it can happens something bad on installation about program that make msi file got corrupt or something else. Even if register value in computer can also do something like this.
thank u u helped me so much
Please download revo uninstaller from It is free.
After downloading installation. It will ask you to select the file to be uninstalled. So select the window live messenger & click on uninstall & follow the easy process.
Later you can uninstall revo too if you desire so that too is very easy.
In case still finding difficulty please write to me on
I got this information from down below from one like us. Thank you very much for such a valuable information.
Regards Raju
Its can really work?? anyone tell me pls

or you can download windos live messener 9 not beta and its done but you need to wait for that