Changing default language & in Browsers too

Aladdin - Apr 8, 2010 at 05:52 AM
 Marge - Oct 21, 2010 at 01:46 PM
I installed Vista to work in English, though my location is set as Israel. For some reason, Vista didn't get it right and it thinks that when I open certain sites eg. that the main page should be Hebrew. In addition, when I use blogger, I get the templates showing up with the Hebrew words for "drag here" etc. and the "blog archive" option even being right-justified.

In addition, when I open up Word, it automatically opens onto a new page which is also right-justified and set up to type in Hebrew.

I have looked at the main language settings, and everything seems set up for English. I cannot work out why the computer thinks that everything by default should be Hebrew. All my programs and menus are all in English.

Is there any way to somehow re-set this up so that:

1. My browsers open up to English pages of main websites.
2. My blogger will set itself up to give me the English settings and left-justification
3. My Word will open up set automatically left-justified to type with the English language as the default

It seems like there is a general computer setting that needs changing, but I just don't know what.

Thank you in advance!

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First i would like to say english is the way and thank you england. Secondly you can certainly get language packs for Visa but it doesn't mean that webpages will be in Hebrew, they will always be in there native language/font./text.
If you are trying to convert Vista default language from english to hebrew you need to download the language pack from microsoft. I havent used vista for a long time but if i memory serves me its under control panel and regional settings time and date and there is a language and keyboard layout you can customize language settings and hebrew might or might not be there in which case you do need to download the language pack

I suggest looking on google, i found out that you may not need to download a language pack. Here is a link you can read up on

Good luck friend
I have the same problem you described on my laptop too, so would appreciate the soln.