ACER Aspire One Laptop 10.1 "S.O.S"

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Saturday April 17, 2010
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April 17, 2010
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Argggh!! I don't know how this happened, maybe from going to blackberry application download site for mobile devices and in trying to get info, I may have done something that changed my laptop. The screen resolution and display are set to the right 1024x600 and 96 dpi and desktop icons and fonts are okay, its the Internet content that is micro small and I cannot read. It is almost as if my internet content and display is for a mobile device but on my laptop? Its 4 days now and I am on another computer. I have found no info on this specific problem, only basic screen resolution fixes which I have tried everything and nothing with that works.


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Dear Sir,

Please consider carrying out a system restore to have the problems fixed.

Thanks in advance.