System shutdown while playing games

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My system is shutting down while playing games like counter strike, max payne... System shutdowns after 10-15 min started playing games. While working in Turbo C/C++ also system is shutting down. Except these conditions system is working fine. Please help ........

Configuration: Windows XP Professional SP3
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Processor
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H-SB700
Transcend 2GB Ram

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I would suspect a heat issue with the CPU or a failing Memory stick. Is the CPU heat sink in full contact with the CPU chip?

Try swapping out the memory sticks one at a time - this will help identify if one of the memory modules is bad.
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CPU is not getting heated up. I touched all the parts like Processor, chips on the motherboard, hard disc... These parts are warm that's it.

I tried playing games keeping the CPU case open, still system is shutting down. I have tried with my cousin's PC RAM (1GB) still system is shutting down. I have a single RAM of 2GB.

For your information system is shutting down while running programs in Turbo C/C++. My monitor is 19" Wide screen.

Pls Suggest

The problem is solved.

The problem is due to dust on Processor (bottom portion). I just removed the processor from the motherboard and cleaned the dust and fitted back to motherboard.

No I am happy that no more problems of system shutdown :)

when i put in rollercoaster tycoon 3 it works fine after 15 mins it just shuts down i would reccomend you to try windows fix it it worked for me perfect just a quick download and you only need to klick twice to get your whole system fixed