Laptop won't boot up Windows XP CD [Solved/Closed]

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I have an HP laptop and I've re-formatted the hard drive using kill disk. I have made sure that in the BIOS the boot up order has CD ROM as #1, top. I can't seem to get the Windows CD to boot up when I start the laptop and I've tired ECS key to select Boot order, f2 just goes into BIOS, and f12 to boot up LAN (which I don't need).

I've tried everything and made sure the CD ROM should boot up and it's a bootable disc as well. Does anyone have any other suggestions of what to try? I've had this happen before on installs, but can't remember what finally worked.



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Thanks, it was the Windows CD and so I tried a different one. I thought that I had a bootable CD.
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is your xp cd is correct. Because in some cds we can't able to boot it.

or set your bios by using f10. It takes to boot order and change it.

is your dvd drive is working properly.

if you check that dvd/cd is working properly before formatting the harddisk

any how check your dvd by connecting it to your friends computer. To know about whether it is working properly.

or gave it to any repair center check it or it will be fault of windows cd. Have a windows cd from your friend and install the xp
it was working .

I was using Im, it typed numbers instead of letters .
i turned it off .

turned it back on, it wouldn't log on again .

its dell 3700 inspiron
u can call dell company and say u want a cd for unistaling and reinstaling
Try and use a external cd-rom the choose to boot from usb first
first of all your laptop must not be a HP laptop or else it wouldn't go to BIOS by pressing F2 button, it works for all Dell laptops. make sure in that HDD Diogonistic test that your hard drive is detected. or else there is no point of hitting and trying all wrong buttons.
Just make sure you made it '' CD-Rm'' not ''USB-CD-Rm'' in the boot menu. It happens that we make honest mistakes sometimes.

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