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My Samsung HX-DU015EC R external hard drive has no power switch. It is supposed to start and stop automatically with Windows XP Pro. However XP does not recognize it. It doesn't show up in Device Manager. I have both power and USB cable correctly connected but I can't get it to show up on my computer. Help!!!

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Get in disk management, open run type : diskmgmt.msc.when open right click on device and format it to let it be discoverable.

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First go to:Start:Run. Then type diskmgmt.msc and then enter/run.
Go to the new drive and right click. The drive need to be "partitioned" first , suggest as primary and then formated. This will take some time for a 1-1.5-2 terabyte drive.
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Try this 1
Follow the below instructions step by step and check if your computer is able to detect the external drive.
1) There are some external drives that wont detect at first instance, all you have to do is try different USB ports. Try connecting the external drive to the USB ports that are available at the back of your CPU. If the problem still exists then follow the next step
2) Connect your external drive --> Click on Start --> Run --> Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. "Device Manager" will be opened. If you notice any yellow mark then right-click on it --> Select the option "Update" and
follow the instructions.
3) If there is no yellow mark in the device manager then click on the white area in that device manager window. Now click on "Action"--> Scan for hardware changes.
4) If the problem still exists then click on the below link and follow the instructions
5) If the problem still exists then try to update the USB drivers.
6) Check the USB data cable also.
Good Luck
I have the same problem. Mine is even worse because I have my backup files on it. It worked for sometime and stopped. It started flashing once you connect the usb when supposed to wait until activity happens. It has now since just wait but still cannot be recognized by OS win xp. It does not show under Explorer nor under computer management. Could someone please urgently assist since we are an NGO and without accessing those files, the organisation is dead