I bought variety map packs on ps3 store.

 Bag_Deddy -
I bought variety map packs on ps3 store today and downloaded, then installed....and i cant play the new maps???? what shall i do ????


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Check the region... Your CoD 4 region and the Variety pack region must be same.
Thank you

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Hey dude. Dunno if you did what i did but i just looked and saw the variety map pack i downloaded yesterday was for call of duty 4 not modern warfare 2 - i still cant find the one for modern warfare 2 but i just emailed em to see about a refund....
hey yer i done the same thing ??? Its for call of duty 4 !!!!! i want the wun for modern warfare 2?????!!!!! when is it out??? thank!!!!
i have the same problem =S

there right next to each other look to the right people!!!!!!!!!!