Ipod won't turn on

JM - May 10, 2010 at 07:42 AM
 Blocked Profile - May 17, 2010 at 06:54 AM
My Ipod won't turn on unless it is connected to the computer. Right now all I can do is use it as a drive. I have tried everything and it only turns on once I plug to the computer and then I have to look for the device in my computer, open and eject to disconnect. That's the only way I can listen to the musics. Once I unplug the usb it turns completely off. THe other problem I have is that the battery symbol is always empty only is fully in green when is disconnected with plug still on the PC.. I am becoming desperate because it's new. help please...

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May 17, 2010 at 06:54 AM
Dear Sir,

This implies that the battery is not working properly and hence you will have to get it replaced.

Thanks in advance.