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On my desktop toolbar at the bottom right of the screen, I have a few little icons I recognize that are there all the time. However I now have a red button with a white x on it and it continually tells me that my computer is infected and i need to download antispy ware. However "prevent" in the paragraph is spelled "pervent" and if i scroll over it or dont exit it out, then it starts to download info. When it downloads info. It says "Pleace wait" not "Please wait". My mcafee subscription ran out and I have now renewed, but it will not clean it off. Have any ideas what it is and how to clean it off? Thanks Tim

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you have spyware in your system. first install the new version of avg free anti virus and i recommend ad-aware2008 for free anti spyware to remove spies and spyware doctor to stop the spies getting in to your system in the first place, also for a firewall i recommend pc tools firewall plus, all are free non subscription and are all you need. since installing these applications, i have never had a spy and in the rare occasion when i stupidly allow one to get in, they remove them as quick and easily as they got in. finally to finish it off i would recommend getting windows xp registry repair pro. run updates either automatic or once a week and scan either automatic or once a week. i guarantee no more problems and no money to pay out
but how do I get it off with out downloading spyware, can I get it off with Task manager
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you would have to know the name of it and which file it is located in on the hard drive to remove it from your pc as the task manager may show it but, because it is a spy, the clever b**tards have got added security to the spy to stop the task manager removing it. if you right click the icon and go to properties it might tell you the name and location of the icon, if it does then just type the path in to the search facility built in to the pc and delete manually. If it does not give you the location (path) then go to and download adaware 2008 free of charge, update it and run a scan. it will find your problem and remove it. it's free and easy to use and is always handy to have. i use it alongside spyware blaster which i also got from the same site, it stops new spies getting in and if manually updated once a week, keeps you secure.I personally use adaware 2008, spyware blaster and avg and use google chrome as my search engine which is a free downloadand uses google security. since downloading these ihave not had a single threat. before google chrome i used mozilla firefox so this is always a good alternative.

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