HP Pavillion dv6000 Graphic Card problem

kamver - Nov 4, 2008 at 04:21 PM
 Ahmed - Feb 4, 2013 at 11:49 AM

my HP pavillion dv6000 is having a problem. at start-up the laptop beeps once long and two short ones. at the link 'http://ccm.net/contents/pc/bios.php3' it says it is a problem with the graphics card. the only problem for this is I do not know where the graphics card is located and how to fix this problem. if you have any possible solutions to this problem please post =)

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I am absolutely amazed by the Blanket trick.

My wife's laptop is dv6000. It's wireless failed a year and a half ago and we sent it back to HP for their special warranty to fix it. They fixed it and it was fine. About six month ago, the wireless went off again and we just couldn't be bothered to sent it back again. So we got a wireless USB stick and got wireless this way and my wife carried on using it.

A couple of days ago, suddenly it stopped working. When turned on, it made on long beep and two short beeps and display was blank. You can imagine how frustrating it is when a simple laptop keeps failing again and again. I knew all about the wireless problem so again could not be bothered to go through another HP repair only to see it fail again. We decided to buy another laptop and be done with this HP rubbish gadget.

Assuming that the laptop is dead I thought lets just try something if it works great, if not I have nothing to lose. I looked up the net and there are many solutions. Some suggest taking motherboard apart and heating it with a hair-dryer. Some suggest heat gun. Yet others suggest using foil and lamp. It was very amusing to follow these suggestions. it certainly felt like Apollo 13 crisis handling with everyday items you can find in your environment!

The simplest solution I came across was the blanket method. So I thought, well lets just try with this one, it makes sense and surely it doesn't take any of my time (as you can imagine I am very time conscious).

So I turned on the laptop, it made the beep noise, closed the lid and while still connected to power and while it was on wrapped it up in a duvet. I kept it there for 45 minutes. That's it. When I went back to it later, it was hot and was turned off. It meant that it got so hot that it shut down automatically. I let it cool, then turned it on, and was shocked to see that it worked. Display came on, windows and even the wireless that stopped six month ago was working now! Amazing solution. It is probably not a permanent solution, but it is still better than not working at all.

Big thanks for the trick contributor. It was certainly worthwhile and to be honest quite genius! Made my day even though we still ended up buying another laptop. No more HP again, ever. That will teach them.
If you have black screen and three beeps, one long and two shorts, problem, please email me Email Id removed for security
I know easy fast and cheap way how to fix this problem. Just email me and I will explain everything in low price. With my method I'm using my? computer about half year.
My method just fixing problem with black screen and three beeps, one long and two short.
My Hp DV6245 pavillion entretainment Pc give me thee beep, one long two short beeps and the screen s blank, nothing more
Am happi for you...
i tried my X 2..failed... So I send for repair...SO SAD :(
Being a computer technician, I would be leary of this, but if you have no other option, HP won't help, then try it. I would suggest though:

There are other parts of the laptop affected by heat: your LCD screen, your hard drive, and your battery. So I would suggest leaving the screen up, the battery and hard drive out and trying this.

I have a dv2200 that had the long beep followed by 2 short beeps and after removing the hard drive and starting it, the laptop booted to the bios screen, but then after hitting ctrl-alt-del it went back to beeping until I held the power button down for about 10 seconds until it shut off. Then it booted to the bios screen again.

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trying the blanket technique at the moment on my dv6353 but mines doesn't beep at all nor does the fan come on.
the board lights up but the screen is black and I hear no noise at all from the hard drive?
I tried the blanket trick and it worked for a short period of time then stopped. I am an Electronics Technician and I am able to reflow the solder on the part if I could get to the device. My question is how do I get to the portion of the motherboard with the nvidia device? Do I need to remove the entire chassis bottom? If I knew where on the motherboard the chip is located I could cut a access hole in the plastic chassis to make the repairs. Is the solder joint that is overheating on the bottom side of the motherboard?
Aug 28, 2009 at 06:37 PM
I was told earlier today (er, yesterday now, given that it's past midnight) that the graphics chip is right in the middle of the board so hope it helps.
i want to change nvidia chipset. it costs nearly 120$.
i'll buy it. but I don't know is this true solve.

maybe in next 3 mounts it'll repeat.
i solved this problem. go to notebook service
100$ , nvidia chip reinstall. there was connection problem. it only worsk in hot.

now , it is working good.

i recommend notebook cooler.
i use REXPO , very silent. Tempature decrease 10C. it's fantastik and so cheap.
Aug 31, 2009 at 02:43 PM
Well the blanket trick has appeared to work - it turns on now, yet my laptop still freezes every few seconds, which is irritating. But now at least I have most of my files on a USB so I have access to them at any time rather than having to buy a caddy. Thanks, Mehmet!
another happy success for the blank method.
I only hope it lasts....
... and to illustratie my point : I'm typing this on a revived Compaq V3000 AMD machine (HP DV2000 lookalike) which had the same probleem (video dead). Before the reflow, the nV7300 went to 76°C IDLE (yikes) and fan at full. After reflow and copper shim repair, the V3000's nV7300 now runs at 54°C. The machine is much, much cooler and doesn't need any extra external coolpad or what else to reach this result.

Be advised though, even this is no permanent solution as only a real reballing instead of a reflow really takes care of the problem. Also note : upgrade your bios'es. HP (like many other brands) forces the system fan to run at higher speeds and more often to try and keep the machine cooler, and combined with the actions I discribed earlier, this does make your machine last a couple of years longer.
Guess what I found out on these websites.



the problem which we are facing is a scandal by HP and nvidia. join these forums. if lucky u can even get a free repair(which apple has given to its every costumer).
Hi guys,

I find a complately full only one super solution for this problem.
It's easy.


try to repair nvidia chip, take the notebook repair service. buy 100$ for chipset repair.
and in the next day , go another computer seller shop , sell 333$ ( it must run )
for dv2172ea
( I did this in Turkey İstanbul last month )


Now I use Acer Ferrari one 200 . It's fantastic. cool, quite , fast , perfect. I recommend it.
Loves to acer...
i just wanted to say, THANK you FOR THE REMEDY!!!!! I almost threw out my dv2000 out the window...or bought a new motherboard..its back to working order...for now.LOL
i tried the taking the HardDrive out, Turn on. then off. then put everything back together...BAM HP screen..
thanks again!!!!

wish us all luck now.LOL how long it will last...
I did the thing where you tape paper over all the vents, turn it on, cover it in a blanket, and let it sit. I let mine sit for a few hours (~3 hours) because it will automatically turn off once it gets too hot which in turn lets it cool down slowly. Afterward, I put in the hard drive that I removed earlier (because I didn't want it to possibly get damaged by the heat) turned it on and VOILA! IT WORKED!

A lot of people have mentioned the reflow method. Here are a couple of vids from youtube that may help.



I contacted HP Support but no help for me. I was told that my dv2000 model wasn't covered because it didn't have an AMD. The email is below. So, this not an nvidia / HP issue? It's because of an AMD incompatibility?

Your computer is not part of the Limited Warranty Service Enhancement, because we are just having recall for the AMD based computers, Because its only AMD that is having compatibility issues with the motherboard that we had manufactured. Your computer has an Intel chipset which doesnt have any compatibility issues with our system..and the product number is not qualified too..if ever well be repairing your notebook, it will be for a fee.

Your HP Tech support,

I got the same problem with 2 DV9000's... :/

My DV6000 is beeping 3 times but then repeating that another 5 times before becoming silent. Also it is flashing on the Caps lock and Num lock 3 times - which I have read is a memory problem.

Am currently trying the blanket method Mehmet suggested but am wondering if I have a different problem to y'all??
wow that blanket thing is amazing!!!
Hi the problem with the hp dv range is 1 the graphics chip, number 2 is there is dirt in the fan if you blow into the fan from the back while its on loads of dust will come out reducing your temp by 10c, if you goto HWmonitor and down load there temp checker you will see what temp it is,the graphics chip problem is there is a gap between the heatsink and chip,HP have used something that looks like chewing gum to fill the gap what it real needs is a copper shim which is on ebay to fill the gap,covering it with a blanket will work but not for long.
mehmet24a, you're a genious, just wrapped my laptop inside my bed for 30m, rebooted it, AND NOW IT WORKS!!! thanks for saving a lot of €€€
I have a DV2500 that had a graphics problem as well (no video). Removed the hard drive, plugged it in, turned it on and wrapped it in a blanket for 45 mins. Following that, I removed it, put back the hard drive and let it cool down. It was bloody HOT!!. Let it cool down and then hit the power button. Amazingly it worked !!! Thank you for this fantastic sugestion - saved me having to get it repaired.