HP Pavillion dv6000 Graphic Card problem

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my HP pavillion dv6000 is having a problem. at start-up the laptop beeps once long and two short ones. at the link 'http://ccm.net/contents/pc/bios.php3' it says it is a problem with the graphics card. the only problem for this is I do not know where the graphics card is located and how to fix this problem. if you have any possible solutions to this problem please post =)

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I had the same problem with dv2000 !!

In fact, in most of these cases, the problem is with the solder connection of the graphics card mounted on the motherboard. some people suggest to use a heat gun to heat the graphics card and reestablish soldering (quite unmanageable for me as I have no equipments)

Yesterday, my hp started working like a miracle. What I did was simply:

1) put the laptop on a bed or a similar surface to close the air openings below
2) wait some time (15-30 min or 1hour) and let it get warm enough
3) restart.
it worked for mine. hope it works for you too.. the laptop seems stable and does not give any more beeps (for now).. good luck !
I want to share my experienced with 2 units HP notebook; Presario V3000 (V3737tu) and Pavillion dv2000 (dv2505tx).
The notebooks have problem with Intel & NVidia VGA driver , but all the problem now solved by using microsoft display driver (Standard VGA), this way can solving the problem of lowest 4-bit (600x480) and spliting into 8 screen that makes me upset.
This like a virus/worm/malware/trojan or whatever that can makes us very upset ... please also do scan & clean virus/worm/malware/trojan with all free that can be download ... (I am using AVG, Norman Malware cleaner, Virus effect remover, PCMAV) ... Now, 1 of my notebook now can use back NVidia driver again .... the other is still scanning/cleanning, still using Microsoft VGA Standard driver and still working well ...
Captain Incognito
May 24, 2009 at 02:01 PM
Holy crap it worked! I was worried I was going to have to spend upward of three hundred dollars to fix it. And now? Now it's working. For how long I do not know, but it is!

I have problem with HP Pavillion dv6000. I bought it about 2 years ago and downgraded from slow windows vista to windows xp. Last six month I have problem with heating issues when I play games or use highly resource consuming application, and probably with nvidia Ge Force 7400.

But last night, it failed to boot, with long 1 beep and 2 short different beeps and tries to restart again and again. I dont see anything in display.

Is it really the problem of graphics card or something else?

need suggestion!
prabyan > prab
Jun 24, 2009 at 02:30 AM
My notebook worked again. I was almost sending it to HP repair. I gave a try removing hard disk because I need some important files to be copied. Then I restored the harddisk and pressed the power botton for some 30 seconds, then the notebook started, booted and it is working for 2 weeks.
Thanks to this forum.
... and I was just taking the mick at the stupid suggestion, while at the same time trying it out. Mehmet you're not god but you saved my laptop. Thanks.
OhNo! Mobile Computer Repairs
Dec 10, 2009 at 01:43 AM
This issue is most certainly caused by poor cooling design in the HP DV series notebooks.

The problem is caused by a few of things.

1. The Sticky thermal pad used to transfer heat from the Nvidia GPU to the heatsink which does not do its job

2. The fan speed and internal design do not allow enough hot air to be extracted from the casing.

3. The use of lead-free solder which is more brittle and easily cracks under high heat conditions.

There are a few ways to fix it.

The blanket method works because it overheats the GPU (and the whole board which is not really a good idea) and in turn re-balls the solder joints under the GPU this method is not recommended.

The heat gun method does the same thing but the main danger is overheating nearby components. Done correctly this works and has so far been effective as long as you insulate the heat using tin foil (aluminum foil)

The professional way to correct this problem is typically done by using hot air or infrared re-balling techniques where you remove the GPU, clean the old solder from it and re-ball the small GPU points and re-attach to the main board.

I would also advise replacing the gooey thermal pad stuck to the GPU with a 2mm thick Copper sheet cut to about 7mm by 8mm made from 2mm copper sheet.

Use arctic silver on the both GPU core and on the top of the copper heat sink.

This should keep the GPU about 10 degrees Celsius cooler compared to the stock HP DV2000.

If you use a notebook cooler pad with the notebook this should be enough to keep the machine working for awhile.

Hope this helps.

Drop me a line if you need assistance.

misterknow it all
Mar 18, 2010 at 11:59 AM
re=balling your f u c k e n high!!!! you mean resoldering!!! go back to school stupid!
kingbeau laptops
Mar 21, 2010 at 07:55 AM
misterknowitall knows nothing, lol.
It IS reballing you nitwit. He's talking about a chip with BGA (ball grid array) connections and it cannot be resoldered by conventional methods.
Apr 12, 2010 at 05:23 AM
OhNo was almost 100% correct, apart from the terminolgy here: "and in turn re-balls the solder joints under the GPU". It doesn't re-ball them, it reworks them. "Misterknow it all" is an idiot. Kingbeau, correct, it can't be resoldered with conventional methods. Generally, the only permanent fix is to fully reball the BGA (as OhNo described) - not that easy.
The Genius of all time
Apr 24, 2010 at 12:57 AM
I never have a laptop run without a cooler under it... trust me it's worth the 20 bucks and the bulk.. 100% heat kills.. cooling pads extend life of laptop!!!
May 16, 2010 at 09:07 PM
yeah man, the hot air pistol solves the issue just fine.

What I can recomend is that you drill some holes on the same area thar the air intake is placed.

i was so worried because this problem......but this heating up the laptop worked like a miracle for me.
my laptop is working fine now. and I saved lot of money too.
i was sure from the beginning that this will work for me since my laptop was booting perfectly into windows-how do I know that without the display??

well folks the answer is- I switched on my laptop first I heard the 3beeps(1 long+2short), waited for some more time I heard the tune of windows startup+ once ur on desktop when u on/off WLAN u hear the sound. so I knew there's gotta be a loose connection which I read was the solder of GFX card.
so I did the procedure mentioned by mehmet24a and it worked for me :-)
many thanks buddy ur a genius.
I have tried this procedure, but when I unwrap my laptop from my blankets, it has turned off by it self, and is no longer warm. What to do?
Nasim > Nougat
Jul 19, 2009 at 01:00 PM
If it turns off of by itself it maybe because it exceeds the safe temperature limits. And once it reaches that temperature and is not recovered then ur problem maybe somewhere else.
I had same problem and fixed it now following the advice/comments from this Forum.
Hi everyone,

Mehmet's idea is perfect. but , when the laptop cold. Restart beep sounds! :(

if notebook is hot then it run. if it isn't and than turn back :(

what can we do?

The problem continuous repeats...

Nvidia chip is problem. I hate HP

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Just an update, I took out the hard drive (very easy - just make sure battery is out first and notebook is unplugged). Then on bottom of laptop look for a number 1 stamped on the plastic. Loosen 2 screws, remove cover, then you'll see hard drive - take out 2 screws and pull up on plastic tab in the middle of where 2 screws were. Pull up and remove hard drive. Keep the screen open, then set the laptop on a blanket, towel, etc. to keep bottom all covered up. Plug in and turn on - after you hear the beeps it should just stay on until it overheats. Leave it there until it shuts off automatically. This will apparently re-solder the connection due to the extreme heat. Then leave it there covered an extra 20 minutes or so until it cools down. Then see if it works after putting back the hard drive and battery. This DID WORK for me and I was amazed. I want to thank all who contributed and to the original author of this because it saved over $400 for a new motherboard. It worked perfectly for me and boots every time, after that installed vista sp1 and sp2 and have restarted it at least 10 times so far and it is still booting every time. I hope it keeps working but it was definitely a good fix. I recommend downloading a program called SPEEDFAN which will monitor the temperature of your GPU - nvidia and after installing I put the shortcut in the startup so that it starts automatically each time and shows the temperature of the graphics chipset. I definitely recommend also blowing out all the vents with compressed air. Now my laptop idles around 52 degrees C to no more than 85 degrees under full load running 3d graphics. I think the trick now is to keep it from getting to a very high point such as over 100 C and melting the connection again. So keep the laptop OFF your lap and on a table and possibly get a notebook cooler that sits under the laptop for even better cooling. Keep an eye on your temps. Good luck!
i did your's method. OK but in next 2 days , I hear beep sounds again.
( next day everything is ok interesting )

At the moment is your notebook running normaly? Today is 6th August, you did it 4th August. :))

This like a simple basic problem. I don't want to change mainboard or nvidia...
What can I do?
Aug 28, 2009 at 05:53 PM
My HP (DV6000) has been having these problems and I intend to try doing as you and Mehmet suggest, but when I turn my laptop on it doesn't actually turn on most of the time; do you know of any way to get it to stay on so I can follow your instructions? Or (as it freezes whenever it does turn on; generally at the Windows loading screen) should I just leave it when it freezes in hopes of it overheating?


Well guys, the blanket trick worked for me and my customer's DV6000 as well. After 20 years of tech support I didn't think something could still amaze me, but I was wrong.
i try blanket trick for 1hour(very hot), after I restart my laptop, it works. but for next day my laptop screen blank and beeping again.... whats should I do
Try the blanket trick..
It reallly took me about 1hr 45 min..
once u get the screen working reset it to factory setting using your recovery disc
then download the BIOS update and new graphics driver software.
I have nVIDIA chip.
Run th hp health ckeck and download the critical updates
Be catious while updating bios follow all instruction..
Try to avoiding it automatically going to sleepmode or hibernate.
holy crap! I tried the turning on my laptop covering the fan vents for about 45min, then restarting, and it freakin worked! hp help told me about 400 to send it in and fix the issue, I was ready to buy a new laptop and give up, but I figured I would give anything a try since either way it was over, but it worked! I just turned on my laptop, covered it w/ a blanket for about 30min, made sure it got good and hot, turned it off, and hit the power again when uncovered, and to my surprise, it popped on! my screen worked again. so far i've turned my laptop off and on agian 3 times today and it's worked every time. not sure if this will be a long term fix or what, but it's working now and i'm happy, heck i'm using it now to type! either way, it's worth a shot. seemingly it's worked for several other people, as well as myself, so what's to lose? that's what I figured, and i'm now a happy camper w/ a few extra bucks in my pocket save from not having to buy a new laptop! I can't thank whoever that is enough right now! same principle as taking your laptop apart and heating the video card, just a backwoods way that still works!
hello .
how are you there.
well I think the idea of Mr. mehmet24a is the the best one, because I sell a notebook hp dv6000 to some one, and he bring it to me after one day, to install a software for it , when I get it form it's bag I find the notebook still working in the bag ( in this case there,s no ventilation for ) and the temperature of laptop to become very high, after that, the notebook at start-up the laptop beeps once long and two short ones,

in this case I think it's need a heater to reconnect the socket, or reconnect the graphic with motherboard completely.

if you cannot disassemble your notebook, try with Mr. mehmet24a idea. may it's work probably.

thank for all.
Jun 22, 2009 at 12:26 AM
F@#$ Me, that actually worked. mehmet24a, you are a god. I would have never thought that would work but it did and wow what a great fix. I just turned on the system, wraped it up in a blanket so it got nice and hot, left it for about 45 mins, turned it off, left it for a bit and turned it on and bang!, it worked. Thankyou, this forum has just saved me $275 for a new motherboard.
I have dv2815 and a dv2315. Bake the motherboard, not the whole laptop! (this means don't do the blanket trick!) Take your motherboard apart. The best guide I have seen is at this link 'http://forum.notebookreview.com/hp-compaq-voodoo-pc/228268-how-clean-heatsink-fan-assembly-dv2xxx.html'

Remove all the plastic tape/covers from the motherboard. Put screws or something in some holes on the motherboard to create legs for it to stand on. Set it level on a cookie sheet. Bake at 385 degrees for 8-9 minutes. This will reflow the gpu (video chip) back to the motherboard.

I plug the motherboard up to test (before completely reassembling the laptop). You can order copper shims and thermal grease to replace the thermal pad HP used, to prevent this from happening again, for like $5 on ebay or something.

Make sure you remove all lent/dust from the fan/heatsink, both of mine were plugged. Looked like removing lent from the screen of a clothes dryer. (the blanket trick will only add more!)

Comon HP, you need to design this stuff better!!

Good luck!
mainly the problem of your laptop is your vga card or mostly known gpu. it was a mistake of hp to use this such graphic cards coz its heating to much.this long beef is not a memory error is graphic card error. you may cool down the laptop and later on it will work but only temporary.a qualified tech. will help
I hope anyone can help me...

My older brother used the laptop for like more than 24 hours non-stop, then the PC would just go to the HP screen, but just keeps on beeping. I didn't touched the laptop for like 8 months, and when I tried to test it again, it would do things:

> POST happens, and the beeps go non-stop. But after 2 minutes of beeping, it boots to the OS.
> No POST, getting "Graphics controller not functional" beep code (the 4 beep thing)
> POST happens, and the beeps go non-stop. Doesn't go to OS after 5 minutes of beeping.

I'm currently trying to reformat the system to XP (OS is originally Vista), and the WEIRDEST thing I've ever experienced in my 5 years in tech support career is that the system works fine - WHEN I PRESS AND HOLD DOWN THE CAPSLOCK KEY!!

Of course, I'll be trying to remove the keyboard, and see what happens afterwards.

Any input would be much appreciated.
FreeWilly > Ed
Oct 12, 2009 at 01:17 PM
I have same problem than everybody with my DV9000.

I have found a solution for this issue:

- Remove the mother board for the laptop
- Remove CPU
- Put the motherboard in heater at 200°C during 4 minutes maximum, it is not a joke, it is for have good soldering beetween componens and motherboard.
- Take out the motherboard and press on the NVIDIA chipset near the CPU socket to make the best contact possible when it will cold ... wait 1/2 hour before reinstalling the motherboard.
- When you mount CPU heater and fan, add a little flat washer between the heather and the NVIDA chipset.
- Be sur there is a pression on the chipset to block it on the mainboard when the temperature increase.
- As other persons, I use FanSpeed to control the temperature is more and less 50°C for GPU instead of 70°C or more before the operation
- I have no problem since I have done this operation

Good luck for all, I will try to answer if you need more help (sorry for my so bad English)

Rukshan > FreeWilly
Oct 13, 2009 at 08:41 AM
I'm having the same problem on my Hp tx1000. What usually helps is pulling off the battry and leaving it for about 15-30 mims and then plug in the ppwer cable ( Lear the Battry off) and on it. This usually gets my laptop to boot up. Now once it boots up it says operating system not found. It takes abt 10-20 restarts for it to get to windows... Any idea why the OS isn't getting detected each time?

It so sad that we have to discuss these issues and waste our precious time, when clearly Hp is responcible for this defect and they need to own up for it.

Please let me n kw of you have any fixes for the os not being detected.

Greek HP > Rukshan
Nov 7, 2009 at 10:14 AM
I had the same isue and I used a repair service sold on ebay for 80$. Your advices sound nice but I didn't feel confortable to use them and don't sound like a profetional solution. Anyway you may serach for pavilion dv9500 repair on ebay.
HP sucks > Greek HP
Nov 13, 2009 at 11:47 PM
Thank to the blanket trick
My laptop works like a charm
How long has your laptop working since the trick ?
I’ve already written how I repaired my laptop(dv 6735ee) 1st time by method given by mehmet. Well as it turns out it just a temporary solution. It did work but just for 4 days then again the same 3beeps. so this time I took it to HP customer care.

I told them that the problem is in the nvidia graphics chip so just change it. The reply I got was that they are not authorized to change a particular chip so they will probably have to change the whole motherboard. I submitted it anyway for getting a professional diagnosis. After 2 days I got a call by their engineer that my motherboard is damaged and the cost of repair was quoted to be Rs.21975($475), since my laptop was out of warranty. I was shocked, since in exactly the same price I’ll get a new/better/fast/advanced laptop.

So ASAP I called HP and asked them not to repair my laptop. I collected it from HP and took it to a local laptop repair shop in Nehru place (India). He changed the nvidia chip and the total cost repair was just Rs.3000 ($65).

It is running fine now, and I hope it will in future.
Good luck guys!!!!
Nice...thats the tutorial that I need (how to change the nvidia chip). who ever knows how to, that would be helpful.

Where did you take your computer? I've found a few repair shops in Nehru place. I'm in the SF Bay Area in the US and I think it'll be cheaper for me to ship it to them.

hey. I was also facing the same problem. I got the chip replaced but still the issue is ON. can you tell me the exact location of that vendor.
Here in India, I have a better solution. Changing the motherboard to one without NVIDIA Chip, but with Media Accelator. I have been using the laptop now for almost 9 months without problem. Though it costed me Rs. 8000 (approx 175$) but the solution is permanant. Many people in Nehru Place claim that they change the chip but actually they just treat the NVIDIA Chip with hot gun and that is the reason the problem recur within month or two. I also have a BGA Machine and we actually reball the NVIDIA Chip or if required change it at only Rs. 3500/- (75$ approx) that lasts for around 8 - 10 months may be more with some precautions. Contact me at 9811049801 for any further querry.
Here in India, I have a better solution. Changing the motherboard to one without NVIDIA Chip, but with Media Accelator. I have been using the laptop now for almost 9 months without problem. Though it costed me Rs. 8000 (approx 175$) but the solution is permanant. Many people in Nehru Place claim that they change the chip but actually they just treat the NVIDIA Chip with hot gun and that is the reason the problem recur within month or two. I also have a BGA Machine and we actually reball the NVIDIA Chip or if required change it at only Rs. 3500/- (75$ approx) that lasts for around 8 - 10 months may be more with some precautions. Contact me at +919811049801 for any further querry.
Hi all, I tried to fix my HP dv2000 with VGA boot problem long ago by the way as the same [met...] said, but the time we are waiting for heating the GPU very long time. And now we can make the GPU heating faster by this way.
I open the bottom cover of the laptop (the RAM cover) and loosely a screw on the heatsink to open ... then wait about 5-10minute for heat the GPU and reboot. If it can boot then we close a screw immediately.

I hope this way can usefull for everyone.
... temporary fix at most. Even a reflow won't keep working if you're not solving the issue that causes this in the first place.

Disassemble the HP in question (field repair guides from HP are pretty easy to find on the net for most models), remove all tape/meltable shielding from the pcb (if you don't, tape will melt or curl up, actually REMOVING SMD components from the PCB as it curls up !), get some first grade flux, inject it under the nV core and try a "reflow with the paint-gun trick" if you don't have a real reflow station. If you do it correctly (guides can be found everywhere on the net, but none of them can be called "exact science" when you're doing this with home-garden-and-kitchen tools) AND make sure you tackle the really bad cooling problem of all DV2/3/6/9's by using a copper shim on the nV chip. This way, your machine can work for another year or two. Using a copper shim instead of the worthless "sticky tape" heat transfer which HP uses will drop the temperature on the nV core by 20°C Centigrade or better when done correctly. If you don't solve this, you're waisting your time as renewed failure will be a question of days or weeks at most.

Ultimately, the HP will fail completely there's -no- avoiding that, but I've done quite a lot of these kind of "quick fix repairs" and they work BETTER than what HP's service dares to present as "repair".
I tried the heating trick and it WORKED !!!!

Wrapped the laptop in a piece of clothing, and put it in my bed, under the duvet.

It got very hot, and turned itself of. I pushed the power button, and.... NOTHING :(

I then read that you should loosen one of the screws from the cooler that is in the memory slot.

Loosened the screw, put the laptop under the duvet again, system shut down because of overheating.
Pulled the laptop away from the duvet, fastened the screw and KABOOM it is working =D

Very nice!

I don't think this is a long term solution, I think I need to improve the GPU cooling someway. Maybe replacing the cooling paste, or adding a piece of copper plating instead of the thermal pad (don't know if HP uses a thermal pad between the GPU and cooling, but saw that somewhere on the internet).
My DV6000 is having the same problem, I am trying to heat up my lappy now. Hopefully this will work ...
Step, did it work for you? I've tried the heat up & reboot twice with no success. I am very hopeful to fix, or at least get up and running with out day(s) lost of work while at a shop.
eztroy > eztroy
Jun 22, 2009 at 02:25 PM
Bingo!! Third time's a charm. I am back to work after the great suggestion. Props to Mehmet, my schnizzle.
thank you verry much mehmet your advise worked for my dads laptop we are verry haapy with your help thank you you saved us £400.00 in england thanx again..
thanks mehmet its works like charm. I tryed to solve this problems in many ways: chaning memory, updating BIOS, but your method always works. I just covered the fan with paper and left it for 10-15 minutes. After that it started without noises. Thank you very much again!!!
Fantastic - it works !
mehmet you're a genius! worked for my pavillion dv6000 too!
Don't know for how long but at least I now have the opportunity to backup my files..
Thanks again!
Damn, now I have to do this every time I want to get this thing booting :(