HP Pavillion dv6000 Graphic Card problem

kamver - Nov 4, 2008 at 04:21 PM
 Ahmed - Feb 4, 2013 at 11:49 AM

my HP pavillion dv6000 is having a problem. at start-up the laptop beeps once long and two short ones. at the link 'http://ccm.net/contents/pc/bios.php3' it says it is a problem with the graphics card. the only problem for this is I do not know where the graphics card is located and how to fix this problem. if you have any possible solutions to this problem please post =)

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Wow, blanket trick worked for me... I tried with hot air gun and that didn't fix the problem... But, bloody hell... Just couple of towels fixed the problem in 20 minutes if not less...

Thats fantastic... Thanks a lot...

The blanket trick will only work for a few weeks to a month at best. The hot air gun method if done correctly works everytime. I have fixed 4 or more DV series Laptops with the same problem.

If you attempt the blanket trick then you are risking overheating your

1. Hard drive
2. Memory
3. Other surrounded components that don't need to be heated to correct the GPU and it's solder joints.

I would certainly NOT do this repair on a customers computer. This would be very silly.

Good luck.
hi , all,

I had the same issue with HP pavillian dv9500, the screen was showing alot of colorfull lines, and I also had an issue with my dell inspiron 9400 laptop as well, and I fixed them using the folllowing method,

if your graphic cards is not attached to ur motherboard then u can take it out,
make sure u take off every plastic from the chip, and alsso take out the processor, every removable device,plastic, wires,solotape etc so it dont burn,
put it in an oven(not microwave) on 170 degree celius for 3 minutes on one side and 3 minutes on the other side,, solder melting point is at 180 degree, so 170 is enough to settle all the contact back together,
take it out and leave it to cool, and install everything back together, u will be amaze that it will start work for you, I have done this procedure with my HP and Dell and on both ocasion I was succesffull, but folks u have to make sure u have problem with the graphics card not monitor , if u wana find that out then connect the laptop with external monitor or TV,

is there any question everyone are more then welcome to ask....Regards
Amazing... I wrapped up my DV2000 in a blanket for about an hour, it got VERY HOT, removed it, let it sit for about an hour, turned it on, and it posted! Wiped the HDD, installed an OS, updated it, have rebooted a bunch of times, also powered off for a day, and it still powers on. Great fix! The most ridiculous fix In my history of fixing PC's, but the results speak for themselves.

I am now trying the same on my DV6208NR, will advise on success, however I'm having a harder time because it isn't getting hot, even with multiple blankets :(
I'm experiencing the exact problem with my HP Pavillion DV6617ed.

The laptop worked fine for about 2 years, but just bailed on me for no apparent reason a few days ago. It beeped 3 times after hitting the startup button, 1 long and 2 short beeps.

I found this page using Google and tried some of the suggestions given here.

1) The blanket trick.
This didn't work for me. I turned the machine on, wrapped it in a blanket and put it in my bed under the sheets. I left it on for about an hour for it to heat, then unwrapped it and tried to restart. Now it's still beeping.

2) The memory trick.
I took out one of the memory modules and restarted the machine. The damn thing still beeped, so no results.

3) The harddrive trick.
After this I took out the harddrive and started the laptop. Now there's no screen AND no beeps.

I put both the memory module and the harddrive back in and restarted the machine. You can hear the HD start, so I guess it's placed properly. But, there are STILL no beeps AND no screen, while the machine is back in it's original state.

Does anyone have some suggestions in this situation? I could try the "re-flowing trick", but just as a last resort...

Thanks in advance.
Blanket thing is a temporary solution. Getting the VGA chip rebonded will be a solution that will work long. There are very few people who actually have VGA chip repair machine. Most of them apply heat on the chip and if it starts working, they charge money. Even this is a temporary solution which will work for few days or may be a month or two. You would need a professional to solve this problem. Contact me in case of any doubt. Phone number removed for security

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I'm at work and i'm excited to read about the blanket trick. Can't wait to go home and try this out. If it works Mate I owe you big time.
Precision Division - Clearwater, Fl
Jan 12, 2010 at 06:01 PM
There's a lot of bad advice here....

Some of the worst things you can do:

"Copper Penny Trick" - you WILL cause permanent damage. It may work for a short time. Remember that you
were warned when your board dies.

"Heat Gun" - A bad idea. Without a carefully monitored thermal profile - blistering, out-gassing and de-lamination can, and most likely will occur. You may not even see the damage, but it will show itself when
your system dies for good a few months down the line.

"New Motherboard" - Waste of money. It's just a matter of time before the new board suffers the same fate.

"Wrap it in a towel and leave it on" ?!?!?! Do you really need me to explain to you why this is a bad idea?

Precision Division in Clearwater, Fl repairs the video circuitry, but makes changes to prevent subsequent failures. The fan is modified to run on high all the time. This will help keep the video chip cooler. A special polymer material, aluminum and thermal compounds are used to help keep the system cooler. Precision Division gives a 120 day warranty - longer than HP gives. If it breaks down again from the same problem within 120 days, Precision Division will repair it again - Free. If it can't be repaired, you get to put what you paid toward a new board. Not a bad deal.

Leave motherboard repair to the people who do it every single day and have the right equipment to test, monitor and verify the repair. These internet tricks are nothing more than temporary patches that will cause
permanent damage - but if you want to try it, go for it. Just remember Precision Division warned you!
Florida? how much for sending a laptop from europe? how much for the repair?
With prices of laptops going down, 300, 400 Euros worth of repair, the owner told me throw it away.
Now I have a problem, how much do I charge, for rapping the laptop? what is the rate of lending my robe for half an hour? OK, I sent a lot of time googling, and taking it part for cleaning the fans...
It just works, ok I discussed with someone that designed this stuff and he made some hypotheses on why this worked... but that is another story.
Well, I have a dv9000 and it started doing the one long beep followed by 2 short beeps with a blank screen. I took it apart to look for problems and I didnt find any... so long story short I tried the blanket trick and well it worked... The fans got really loud then it shut off (it overheated), I let it sit for a minute then turned it on and there as a screen again... I cant believe it worked... I kind of want to cry...
IT works!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I used a different technique... I used my robe to rap the DV6000 ;-)
I'm updating it now!
I received an email from the forum of someone complaining that the problem has returned.
OK this is a design issue, if you just fix the GPU issue (blanket trick, new board, whatever...) it will happen again.
- So the HP bios solution should help, try reducing the use of the gpu (low settings on the nvidia panel), and avoid high gpu apps, like games
OR, try to improve the heat dissipation solution...
Blanket thing is a temporary solution. Getting the VGA chip rebonded will be a solution that will work long. There are very few people who actually have VGA chip repair machine. Most of them apply heat on the chip and if it starts working, they charge money. Even this is a temporary solution which will work for few days or may be a month or two. Contact me in case of any doubt. 9811049801
Isn't there a factory recall yet?? So many have this same problem! I went and got mine repaired--after getting sick of the blanket trick, waiting everyday...the repair shop says he sees A LOT of these HP s with this same thing. LETS DEMAND A RECALL FIX!!!

I'm having the same problem - just as you have described! one long beep and two short ones, and nothing on the screen. don't know what to do since the computer doesn't do anything past those beeps ...

does anyone have an answer?
whtch if your battery is not defective with your gpu..
hp had called an call back for many dv6000 9000.....etc
check on hp site..
most of battery no. start with CT:
HP Pavilion tx1000 owners VS Hewlett-Packard Company http://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petition/angry-hp-pavilion-tx1000-notebook-owners-the-no-video-issue/92/
Sign the petition!
What I did was completely disassemble the comp. Take the motherboard out. Take the CPU off the board. Wrap the whole board up in 4 layers of aluminum foil, except the graphics chip (looks like black square that says "NVIDIA" on it). I then stacked 5 quarters and 4 nickles on the graphics chip (this holds it down.) After that, I took my wife's hair dryer and cranked it up to it's highest setting, pointed it at the chip, and held it about 1 foot away for 7 minutes.) Then I let it cool down for a while (maybe an hour) and then reassembled the comp. To this day, it still works beautifully. The only special tools needed are precision screwdrivers (can be found in some $1 dollar stores, or better ones are in the hardware department at Sears) and a decent hair dryer (High setting reaching about 200 degrees.)
There are many temporary solutions and also permanent solution. It all depends how much you are willing to put in (in terms of money).

The temporary solution is heating the motherboard where there is a risk of damaging other components of your laptop.

The other more better solution is reballing or resoldring the NVIDIA Graphic chip cost around Rs. 3500 - 4500.

The permanent solution for this problem is replacing the motherboard with one that does not have NVIDIA Graphic chip but has inbuilt Intel Media Accelator. This costs around Rs. 8000 - 8500/-.

If any doubt, contact me at Phone number removed for security, New Delhi, India
I know someone who buys such laptops at reasonable price. Contact me at Phone number removed for security
i fixed dv6000 black screen, remove hd cover with blanket switch on wait for 1 hour your screen become white. wait for 30 min. bring back hd and try. hope it works for you. thanks
pour water on it and geh a nu1
try this:

remove your motherboard, use a eraser and rub the contacts which will discharge the static in the board, use a compressed air to blow the dust off, put the laptop back together and turn on. I tried this on my dv2775tx hp and it works. why spend when you can do it yourself...
There is no fixing it, windows will not fix the problem which is caused by cheap sauder, it melts and the graphics chip falls off
Tried this on my Asus F6s with Nvidia 9300 GPU by removing the heatsink on the GPU and letting it run for 15mins. Rebooted with screen attached and it works perfectly!

It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts, I may try removing the GPU glue and hitting it with my 80 watt soldering iron and some berylium oxide on the surface of the die. I think I've got some flux somewhere too.