Repair keychain: MacOS, Big Sur, Monterey, Catalina

Repair keychain: MacOS, Big Sur, Monterey, Catalina

Have your stored passwords been corrupted? Or maybe your applications refuse to accept the "correct" password and you are being prompted to enter the password multiple times? To fix this issue you need to repair the keychain configuration. In this article we will show you how to perform keychain first aid with a method that should work for all versions of MacOS Ventura to Mojave.

How to repair the Keychain Configuration on MacOS?

  • Click on the Go menu > Utilities > Keychain Access.

  • Click on the Keychain Access menu > Keychain First Aid.

  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Click on Verify to check for corrupted passwords (red entries).
  • Then select the Repair option.
  • Click on Start.
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