Re-boot loop!

Cherry - May 25, 2010 at 08:27 PM
 James - May 26, 2010 at 03:00 PM
Hello there people,

my computer is stuck in a reboot loop. i have an intel pentium 4 desktop computer. it is windows xp home edition. the problem happened after the power was cut (therefore shutting the computer off) several times.

I restarted my computer i couldnt seem to get to my desktop. the computer manages to get to the light blue windows xp loading screen but instead of entering my desktop the computer reboots and the whole process starts over again.
Each time, I have 30seconds to choose an option like 'safe mode' or 'last known configuration that worked' but none of these work, I only have the option of pressing "Del" for setup.

I really need to know what to do here, as I feel this could be a minor problem (as opposed to having a virus, etc), I feel this problem should not warrant calling an expensive specialist out.

Thanks, any advice would be great

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hmm... that's a tough one... if safe mode etc wont work i would say its out of your hands give it some time don't mess with is too much and if after a day or to you still cant get it to work go into a tech shop and ask most will talk with you about your problem at least and if you dot have a tech shop places like best buy with a geek squad are great they may even have you bring it in.
sorry i couldn't be more help but this is a tough situation
Best of luck,