Fan processor spinning fast, but no view

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Hello guys,,,

i do need your help. i just join with you all, hoping some help to my problem.
i have Accer Aspire PC. sometimes it restart by itself, and get some error like BCCode....
then until now, it just don't want to turn on. when i turn the power on, the processor fan spinning so fast (unusual), but no bios beep, and nothing change in monitor (no view at all). i try to reset bios by replacing the jumper, take off the bios battery, bot nothing works. i try to replace my RAM to another socket, or change with another one, bot still can't get any progress. i had no any card attach in any socket.

any one can help me... please......

thank you all...

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HI if you look at the motherboard, there are components called capacitors. They look like tin cans (tiny cylinders) they should have flat tops. Do any of them have rounded tops and you might also see some discharge on the tops also (dark crusty material) what I'm getting at is you might have a bad motherboard. If any of these capacitors are rounded at all they are bad and your motherboard is bad