Nintendo GameCube Issue

Azure Gear - Jun 2, 2010 at 11:23 AM
 Azure Gear - Jun 2, 2010 at 11:24 AM
Hello, I got a problem with my nintendo Gamecube.
I have a xenoGC mod-chip and I play backup games perfectly, but with some games an error message happens sometimes, very annoying so I have to switch the console on-and-off losing the unsaved data D:
I do care only about Paper Mario the thousand year door. before the error happens the music repeats or the screen freezes! so just before it happens I replace the disc with another, so I continue playing.................but It's sooooooo annoying to have to do this like each 1.5/2 minutes !!!
Please help ! I already tried various solutions, such as :

-blowing the dust up from the lens.
-washing the DVD, with water and with special product.
-used alcohol.
-did some physical (hardware) changes inside the console (applying grease on the axes, used a nail file on the extreme part of the plastic thingy that does 'CLACK' sound when the laser moves on the center and when the error happens).

hmmm, I feel desperate after finding no nice solution.
-I also changed the laser pot to I don't know how many OHMs... I don't have the necessary tools to measure the pot's OHMs.

So I really need help.
Thanks in advance, even if I think the GC is a little old, I decided to replay the awesome Paper Mario The tousand year door :D
Oh AND sorry for my bad english. :p

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Please Help.