Unable to do outgoing call by Samsung GTS5233 [Solved/Closed]

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- Aug 8, 2018 at 03:00 AM
My samsung GTS5233w mobile is not able to make an out going call and if I wish to do so it display 'service not allowed'. incoming call is ok. I have checked call barring status and it shows disable. please help me out. thank you.
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Thank you
Hi there,

Check show number in call settings and set to default or show ,else hide will not work unless subscribed for it,thus it disables you from making calls,if lost yourself then reset to factory settings .


Thank you, closeup22 108

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Thanks bro
thank you very much my dear Bro.
Thanks, Vodafone being a global service provider didn't have this information, thank you
Thank you
@ closeup22

thanx a lot... its workin nw...
Yeah...It is working now for me as well after doing the changes told above. Thanks a lotto the solution provider. Happy Diwali :)
yeah mine too.it works:) thanks a lot.
Thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,its working . I was supposed to visit the service center but now its no need .
Wow it worked! Actually I tried resetting the factory settings, that didn't solve the issue. I have to the setting manually. One has to go to
Settings >> Application Settings >> Call and change this to 'by provider'
Thank you
Thank you
Thanks it is working.