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I recently renewed my Norton 360 and during the installation process had to restart my PC several times. Later on I turned off my computer and when I turned it back on, windows didn't start. I had a black screen with message "due to a software or hardware change memory has changed" and it gave me options to start windows <safe mode>, <safe mode with networking>, <safe mode with (don't remember>, <start windows normally> and <last known good configuration>. I tried them all many times, none of them works. Right when windows is about to load, my PC restarts automatically and the same starts over again. I have several Windows installation CD's and a recovery CD, but none of them worked. They all take me to a blue screen when windows is about to install, but in the end it gives me an error "hard drive not found". I have a Dell XPS.
Any help or idea will be greatly appreciated.
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Load the pc in DOS and run a checkdisk. Then try to run the xp pc
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-tap F2 go to bios and go to the advance tab and then you will find an option tools
-under tolls you will find an option diagnostics then run a hdd test
-check the hdd test if the error is 007- then replace the HDD
-if the hdd test passes then go ahead
-restart your computer and keep tapping f8
-select the option DISALBLE automatic restart
-and check where your comp is stopping
-reply please will help you further
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I kept trying different things in BIOS and I think I did what you advised and It worked.
I had to change some settings in the hard drive.

Thank you for your help