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I am using Vista and cannot download Adobe Flash Player. I need to use it with Mozilla Firefox. I have read the download instructions at The download doesn't start automatically, so I click the provided link, as instructed. Apparently, I am supposed to be given the option to "run" or "save" and then click "run." However, I am only given the option to "save" or "cancel." I choose "save." Then, another box opens up and I click on "install_flash_player.exe" I then get a message that this is an executable file which may contain viruses. I choose "ok" and "continue." Finally, I get a message saying that Firefox must be closed before Adobe Flash Player plugin can be installed. I close Firefox and all other programs, yet this message continues to be displayed.

I have Flash Player on my IE browser, but need Firefox for work. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
System Configuration: Windows Vista
Internet Explorer 7.0

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Hi guys,

i know many still having the problem of installing flash into firefox (problem: close firefox before proceeding)

try this method instead if you are really desperate. (installing the plugin manually)

The link addresses a different problem but coincidently solved this problem as well

Step 1: download this file

Step 2: Rename the file to

Step 3: open up the zip file

Step 4: copy 2 files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll

Step 5: go to explorer and navigate yourway to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins

Step 6: paste the flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll files into that directory

Done: Restart your firefox and it will work!

Credit due to author of link below. i basically searched for manual installation plug-in rather than try to fix the installer problem.
When I clicked on the link it would not allow me to download it, its said the script was invalid? help what do I do now?
Jamestown1771 - Thank you so very, very, very, very, very, very, very much for sharing. I tried a gazillion times and this was so easy (but not intuitive). Keep on sharing!
nice one that worked a treat
I had the same problem what you do is,
While on firefox try and download it. Continue through the downloading process until it says you need to close firefox to complete the installation. Then go control alt. delete and get the task manager open. The click on the firefox screen, close it and then hit try again on the adobe flash download screen. Then it completes and everything works hope that helped
Thanks Moose. Finally it worked.

I fixed mine after hours of frustration. What I had to do was go into my Internet Exporer and then go to where you install the Adobe Flash Player. When I got to the installation screen I clicked on "Different operating system or browser?" and selected Windows Vista/XP, then I selected Firefox. After it finished installing I opened up my Firefox and it immediately played everything with the Flash Player. Yay! Hope this helps...

thank you very very much that was the answer I had not spotted the "other" browser and operating sytem options but this was the solution firefox works fine now
Thanks, Brotha'! That was the fix I needed as well. I never noticed that link before so it was kind of a "duh" moment for me.
This corrected the problem!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!! Thanks!!!!
Thank you so much!!! My flash player hell is over thanks to your advice.
i love you. thank you

lol the security code for me is azit
ok bye
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firefox? - if so,
If you use Firefox AdBlock extension and you have upgraded to Firefox 1.5 you may notice that Flash is now disabled on your browser. This micro tutorial will show you how to enable Flash on your Firefox 1.5 browser.
1. Type Ctrl-Shift-P and click on AdBlock Options.
2. Uncheck OBJ-TABS
You are done!
Now you can feast on the (un)healthy diet of Flash on the web.
Hey, i have the newest firefox and i tried that and it still doesnt work any other help???
> FunkyTowne
me either man. whats the deal. every time i have had to update i have to go through hell and back to get it to work. how the hell do i do it this time? stupid vista. ARRRRGGGG!!!!!
> james
i had the same problem someone told me to try opening task manager, and under processes try closing firefox.exe it worked for me
> FunkyTowne
this i s simlpe and work fine you cant install flash player with firfox i had this problem my self and took me 2 days to sort out all you have to do i download flash player 10 in internet explore save it to your desktop
when you have done this click start then default programs then click on set default program then click fire fox
then set as default then go back to your desktop left click on flash player that you downloaded click run addministrator this will put flash player into firfox you are done rember when you download flash player save to desktop
> FunkyTowne
Goto this page for a fresh install of Adobe flash player:

I have both IE and Firefox on my Vista computer and downloaded the AFP three times with no success.

Finally, I decided to "check" the Google Toolbar and the AFP was installed along with the Google Toolbar successfullly.

Then I rebooted and went to my CCleaner and removed the Google Toolbar, and my flash worked. You can also go to "add and remove" if you don't have CCleaner.

Hope this helps.
I am not sure that this will solve any questions about FireFox and Adobe Flash player 10 on Vista OS..
I have Vista OS with IE...downloaded FireFox and was having the same problems opening any videos (like youtube) and was advised that I needed to install Adobe Flash Player10 and was still having the same problems.

Here is my solution to the problem..I uninstalled Firefox 3 and the Adobe Flash player 10 that was supposed to work with it and any previous addition of Adobe flash player. Opened up IE and then I installed the Adobe Flash player 10 useing IE and made sure it would play videos in IE and then reinstalled Firefox 3 and so far everything else seems to be running good. Make sure all old versions of Adobe Flash player are removed including any old add ons.

Hope this will help.
I simply used IE to download Adobe Flash 10 and there was an option to download an IE version or version for all other browsers. Clicked "other browsers" version, opened Firefox, and it worked.
Hey try this!
I had the exact same problem but with windows xp 2000!
Fist go up and click tools>Options...(or Internet options if options isn't there).
Then click the "main" tab
Click always ask me where to save files
Then go and download the adobe thingy
now click save and it will ask you where to save it, save it to desktop.
Now the problem will appear now, where it won't start.
So just close it and firefox, then on you desktop there should be a install_flash_player.exe icon.
Double click it and it will suddenly download it, when it's done click close.
Open up firefox and test it out on youtube or what ever you wanted to load.
(windows vista,) firefox, unable to install flash 10:
go to windows\system32\macromed\Flash
run uninstall_plugin.exe
then (firefox not running) run install_flash_player.exe (admin rights)
ddd thank you so much if i can download and program are word !
None of the previous things have worked for me. I am using Firefox 3.0.3 and Adobe Flash Player 10,0,45,2. I try to play flash content and either the screen is black or blank though if you right-click where the content is supposed to be it says Adobe Flash Player

I go to You Tube and where the screen is to display the clip it displays a black area where the clip is supposed to be displayed.

I have the current browser and player...what gives?

The funny thing is I used to work on Safari and Internet Exploder (sorry, Explorer) but now it only works on Opera!

I have uninstalled and reinstalled over and over. That did not work either.

go to this webpage it will give specific instructions on how to install using firefox. I just did it and it worked fine. this is a firefox trouble shooting page btw...hope this helps....