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Deleting corrupted email address prompts


When I try to log in to websites, three different usernames are prompted, one is my correct Gmail address, one is my correct mobile phone number, and ...

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Fox news videos will not play


Fox News Videos will not play on my PC. Windows 7, Firefox 72.0.2

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Connection has timed out - firefox


Hello, I am using Firefox on Windows Vista. When I click on a link from within my credit union's site, I get this message: Connection has timed out...

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Not able to open doc. files with firefox


Why haven't i been able to open doc. files with Firefox?

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Fire fox browser



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Changefrom spanishto english


i need the moz.firefox to display english not spanish

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Browser will not connect to the internet


I using an HP 355 G2 (64 bit OS) laptop with Windows 7. My browser is Firefox. Everything was working fine. I went to sign on to the internet and i...

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Anew member


Hi my name tiggs.THe other day I stumpled upon this forum by accident. I had a problem although I could connect to internet my browsers ( Firefox an...

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My firefox wont work


Hello, My Firefox has let me down since I have last updated it. Thing is it was working perfectly before I decided to update it to have more add-i...

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frustrated dad

My facebook account


i tried to go on facebook but they said that i had the wrong password so i gave them my email and sent them a picture of my id like they asked of me b...

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How do i change kioskea into english


I dont understand the kioskea language is it in Russian? how to i change it to english

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How to download flashplayer on ubuntu 9.04?


why can't i download flashplayer on ubuntu 9.04 to play games on yahoo,and facebook?

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Web page shortcuts on firefox


how do I create a shortcut for a web page on firefox?

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Living in spain and wanting as my homepage.


in answer to a question I saw earlier. I have solved this myself. using windows 7.... in firefox. and living in spain, it wouldnt let me have google...

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Download adobe flash player into firefox


I am using Vista and cannot download Adobe Flash Player. I need to use it with Mozilla Firefox. I have read the download instructions at get.adobe....

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Increasing mozilla firefox browsing speed.


Hello, Everybody. For last few days I was trying to configure my firefox browser for batter browsing speed. Finally, I found a good solution over ...

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Not able to browse.


Saw similar questions posted, but not within the last two years that had my same circumstances. I am able to use Gmail without problems, and can get ...

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Lost firefox file menu can't clear history


Hello, Have lost the drop downs in firefox so I can do things like clear history etc. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.8

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Downloading firefox and seamonkey


Hello, I can't get into Firefox and SeaMonkey. I tried to reinstall, but it doesn't work. I did a system restore and did really damage my computer, t...

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Firefox connection interrupted


Hello, I am using IE7 and Firefox3, until a week ago when I am having problems uploading files and pictures on my email and friendster. So, I go bac...

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Can only connect using firefox, nothing else


Hi everyone, for some time now I've been able to connect to the internet ONLY through Mozilla Firefox, not Internet Explorer - just says 'internet...

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All toolbars from firefox have gone


Hello, All i have is the website im on now, but apart from that, i have no back button, no bookmark button, nothing, how do i get my toolbars ba...

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Firefox won't open, explorer won't connect


Hello, I'm running Windows 7 Professional and I've just started having a doozy of a problem. I'd really appreciate some help. As it stands, when ...

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Anonymous User

Sound stopped working on firefox


Hello, i open any website and I have no sound. video works but no audio. I tried on youtube and everything. I have vista. Can someone help me? It ...

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Firefox not opening


Hello, Ive been using firefox for over a year and since monday morning firefox will not open at all and it wont give me any error messages at all. ...

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Address bar after upgrading to firefox 4.0.1


Hello, Thanks for this web site which I found after an exhaustive web search. I did find the answer I needed. Sincere apologies if I seemed curt...

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Totally lost my toolbar on firefox!!


Hello, anybody !!! totally Lost my toolbar on firefox, im not sure what i hit but i have no idea what to do or how to get it back , thank you for a...

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Firefox and internet explorer not working


Hello, I am not quite sure what happened but neither my firefox or internet explorer is working. I have been reading past forums dealing with th...

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Firefox help


Hello, Everytime I try to start Firefox and get browsing the Internet it always gives me the following message: Quote: “The connection has timed ...

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Internet explorer and firefox will not connec


Hello, I cannot get internet explorer or firefox to connect. i've tried spybot and malware byte and nothing seems to work. A few weeks back I noti...

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Can not open any internet site ie, firefox,


Hello, Several months ago I clicked on a yellow update icon on my desktop and within seconds the screen went black, and after I shut down and rest...

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Firefox - websites not loading


Hello, I have recently managed to get my laptop infected with spyware, trojans etc. My internet browsers(both IE & Firefox) not only open random po...

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No ie or firefox connection w/o aol on


Hello, Background: I have three computers networked to a cable modem for shared internet access. All three computers run Windows XP Home Edition....

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