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Respected Sir,

My internet speed is too low and my downloading speed is even worse can u suggest me some tips.....
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Thank you
I just found this good tips from my ISP. I am sure it works for you.

Here's a simple little thing you can do to increase your bandwidth by at least 20%.

Ok here we go...

1.) log on as Administrator.

2.) start - run - type gpedit.msc

3.) expand "local computer policy"

4.) then expand "administrative templates"

5.) then expand "network branch"

6.) Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler"

7.) on right window double click "limit reservable bandwidth"

8.) on setting tab check the "enabled"

9.) change "Bandwidth limit %" to 0

You're done.It would be a good idea to reboot after this.

Thank you, irfan 684

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hey buddy, its gud to implementing ur tips that actually worked on my computer.
Hello Irfan...I tried this...It doesnot increse ur speed
thank you man that was was a very valuable comment
how can I increase the speed of my browser by the site
Hi Its.. Great Now its working in good speed. Thanks for sharing
Thank you
turnoff or restart the system
go to mynetwork places right click select properties
click on configure
select speed & duplex
in the right side u wil get one window
go to that and select 100mbbs full duplex and click ok then u wil see ur net speed wil increase by 100%
if not just restart ur system after doing above procedure
Thank you
a.k.a Roy...
I disagree... google chrome is no way near to other browsers... at times it doesn't even open up my facebook profile...
same here
ya same with me
- May 12, 2009 at 05:39 PM
Thank you
download Tcp optimizer,foxfire3 and open pipe lines
Thank you
i m using internet through my nokia 6670 mobile which gives very very slow speed kindly suggest how to icrease the speed??
Thank you
There's not always a lot you can do for this sort of thing, but I know a couple things that are known to help. So if you are using Firefox (which you kind of have to be for any of my tips to work) download the FasterFox addon. You can either Google search it or go to Firefox's addon site and search.

This one helps, I believe, a bit. That is to disable IPv6 in Firefox (IPv6 is the replacement for IPv4 when IPv4 runs out of possible IP Addresses from all the new computers popping up around the world but is not hardly used right now). In your Firefox address bar type "about:config" without the quotes. In the filter bar type "ipv6" and one result should be left. Double click it, network.dns.disableIPv6, so that its value is set to true.

The next does technically help but can throttle websites bandwidth just a bit if set too high. One again type "about:config" in Firefox's address bar. In the filter type "network.http.pipelining", or just type "pipelining" to get all the results we need to edit, and double click it so that it's value is True. Next type in "network.http.pipeling.maxrequests" and set it's value to about 4, which I believe is the default. In any case I wouldn't recommend anything higher than 8. Basically what this second edit does is change the amount of times Firefox demands the page to be loaded. I personally believe anything between 2 and 4 is quite fine. Finally type in "network.proxy.pipelining" and set its value to true.

So those are all types that will help if you're just browsing, with Firefox, and I'm not sure I know any general modifications to help your connection constantly... actually... well I haven't used it myself so this is more or a less a 'good luck buddy' sort of thing. But I believe SG TCP Optimizer is supposed to be a decent program to tweak your internet connection. You'd kinda have to just try and check to see if it helps or not.

Also as BearClaw said Adblock Plus is a great addon for firefox. It will save yourself a bit of bandwidth by blocking tons of ads.

Hope at least something I said will help. I remember what it's like having slow internet too =(
Thank you
Hi Friends, If your USB Modem Or any other Type Of Dial Up Modem's Speed is Low Then The best Way to increase its Downloading Speed By Using An Internet Download Manager Known as DAP or DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR PLUS 9.3. You Can Download its Demo Version From or Search Using Google. I have Reliance Netconnect Usb Modem And My Speed is Also 153.6 Kbs Or Downloading Speed is 6-9 Kb/s , but After Downloading DAP 9.3 It Mirrors your Downloading File & then I am Getting a speed of
16-26 Kb/s...In My Opinion DAP (DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR PLUS) IS the Best Download Manager.
Thank you
goto tcp/ip and turn off the ipv6
change you broadband plan
hello your tips are very greet but they do not increase my download speed
Nothing you can do!
You only increase your download speed using latest IDM (Internet download Manager]). Its really good for speed up your download.
Thank you
Dear Brother,
If u want to surfing Internet through the mobile only then first of all mobile type must be 3G category and second you should use either IDM or DAP and also Depends on the service provider that you use and you don't care about All suggestions by all guys otherwise u will be confuse that what I do or not. And also u can use a good option of Broadband service and that time your Internet speed will be up. I will give u more better suggestions if u want then you can email me:
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Thank you
I am not a moderator, but I do have a couple of suggestions.

First, upgrade to the latest version of Firefox. It is fast!
Add the plug-ins Grease Monkey and Ad-Block to Firefox.

Second, use a browser cleaner such as CCleaner. It is a free program.
When the Ccleaner program tells you that running the scan will permanently delete the files it finds, click OK.
Before you use Ccleaner the first time, click on Settings, then click the box that will make sure Ccleaner makes a new System Restore point before it deletes any files.

Hope this helps!
Thank you
For all you speed maniac This is to tell you first There is no proper way to increase your download or surfing speed overrding the ISP performance. But if you wish to speed up your internet connection to its best. Try a Few things
Try Full Speed Internet Booster Download it from
Toonel will allow to you to curb bills if using a mobile phone Try Google for this
Internet Cyclone will boost your windows to maximum internet performance Download it from
You can find a hell lot of TCP optimizer and speed increaser from Just type Internet in the search bar and download and try whatever suits you.
Mozilla is faster than Internet Explorer use Mozilla or Opera
Open Dns will allow to resolve faster names If you are on broadband.
Some anonymizer sites will allow you to download warez fasters
No caching or imaging increases speed.

The best way to increase your net speed is to get a proper Internet connection you can't use your mobile phone as a broadband device But still the above mentioned things will defintely Optimize net even if you are using broadband connection. A Must Try and also Mail me in person if you find these tips Useful.
Thank you

I know how u feel... I suggest that u download the PC Speed Optimizer and that will surely will be advantageous 4 ur PC...
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Thank you
I am also having the same problem.And I check my broadband speed by using
Thank you
use tcp optimizer and IDM
Thank you
Try Using Safari Browser.,Its Fast... Search Google For Free Download...
Thank you
Stop installing addons as recommended by these guys. Download accelerators don't increase nothing or change a single thing about how fast you download. get a better plan from your ISP or change ISPs.(internet service provider)
the point of this forum is to increase speed for free... obviously everyone has the common sense to go for a better plan but it wud cost money, if we were looking for that answer then we wudnt b here. plz suggest a way to increase speed while using the current plan....

i heard internet cyclone and internet optimizer are 2 programs that increase speed. I am using vista so none of those 2 worked but if ur using XP then u guys shud giv it a go.
african violet - Mar 2, 2010 at 08:21 AM
what accelerators do you suggust? Are they free online and how much space will it take up on my conputer?