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Secret Neighbor is an online multiplayer social deduction game and a spin-off of Hello Neighbor. Up to 6 players can play in a game, everyone playing a different kid with unique abilities, and one is the Neighbor in disguise. The kids will have to find all the keys to help their friends locked in the basement. It might remind you of Among Us, but it includes lots of new game mechanics and characters abilities.


  • Collect all the keys, or catch the kids: The kids will have to face the terrible Neighbor, collect all the different keys opening the basement and the mysterious room. The kids will win if they open the basement, and the Neighbor wins if he catches all the kids or makes them run out of time. The Neighbor is in disguise among all the players, so never trust anyone and cover your back.
  • Build strategies: Throughout the game, you will be able to communicate with other players and hear them back using your microphone and headphones. Make sure to take advantage of all the player abilities to outsmart the Neighbor in disguise. On the contrary, if you play as the Neighbor, you should cleverly use all your powerful abilities and prepare your roleplay skills.
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  • The Scary Neighbor: As the Scary Neighbor, you can use your hunting trap skills to stun and damage other players. You can also activate your Rage ability to gain invulnerability for a short amount of time (you no longer take damage from kids and traps). Your Rage bar accumulates when you deal damage, take damage, or when you catch other players. You can also disguise yourself as the nearest kid.
  • The Clown: This is the second version of the Neighbor where you're dressed like a clown. As the Clown, you can turn yourself into any random object and move in the level to sneak up on another player. You can also throw a smoke bomb that will make other players temporarily blind and damage them. Last but not least, your passive ability called Confusion is triggered when you are attacked while holding a kid, then the escaped kid will be blinded for a short period.
  • The Leader: Your first ability is called Inspiration and allows you to speed up all the other kids 10 meters around you, you can use it every 30 seconds. Your passive ability is called Team Work, you can activate it by staying close to other players for 12 minutes, and you can then blind the Neighbor with your Inspiration ability.
  • The Brave: Your first ability allows you to use your bat to block any incoming object so that you can avoid taking damage or being stunned. Your second one is called Counterstrike. You can activate it after successfully hitting the Neighbor with any object, and it allows you to escape while being held by the Neighbor.
  • The Detective: The Detective has the Find Intel ability that allows him to see a picture of a location where a key or keycard is hidden. You will only be able to see one image at a time, and the next one will only be revealed once the previous key has been found. If you find four keys using the Find Intel ability, you will be able to use your second ability called Intuition, which will highlight a random key.
  • The Bagger: As the Bagger, you have an additional inventory slot thanks to your Backpack ability, and you will gain another extra slot if you keep your inventory full for at least 4 minutes. You also have two other passive abilities, Heavy Bones, which will slow down the Neighbor if he catches you, and Strong Knees, which will reduce fall damage by 20%.
  • The Inventor: With the Tinker ability, you can craft various items using gears you can collect in the house. With one gear, you can craft a Saucepan; two gears allow you to craft a Flashlight; five gears and craft a powerful Toy Rifle. If you succeed in finding six gears, you will be able to use your second ability, called Reverse Engineering, and unlock the Neighbor's secret gate room.
  • The Scout: Playing the Scout, you can use the Slingshot to fire peanuts, each one of them dealing ten damage per hit. If you hit the Neighbor three times in a row, you will get the second ability called Evasive Maneuvers, which will slightly boost your speed (it works multiple times, up to 115% of your base speed).
  • Seasonal updates: You will enjoy regular updates with some seasonal content so that you will enjoy the game playing in more diversified and richer environments and level designs.
  • Build your own scenarios: The cherry on the cake is the integrated creative mode that allows you to create your servers, build your level, set up your own rules, and invite your friends. You will really enjoy making your mazes.
  • Customize your characters: You can customize every character's look by choosing a different skin, including Mr.Peterson so that you start the game looking the way you like.
  • Cross-platform: You can play with any player, no matter what device is used to play the game. That's always a good point.
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Graphics and sound

The game features very nice-looking cartoonish graphics that really fit the genre of the game, and the OST and audio feedback really manages to create the particular atmosphere of social deduction games.

Duration and game modes

The game offers a multiplayer experience where 2 to 6 players will play in the same game. Each game can last up to 1 hour, depending on how you play. There are several ways to start a game:

  • Quick game: This is the easiest way to play, where six random players are picked together before the game starts. You just need to click on the "Find Game" button.
  • Join a friend's lobby: If you click on the "Custom Game" button, you will be able to join an existing lobby so that you can play with your friends and other players. You can play from 2 to 6 players.
  • Create your own game: If you want to play following your own gameplay rules and exploring your world, you can also create your server by clicking on "Create Server" and creating your unique game with the rules you like. You can then invite other players and play from 2 to 6 players.

What do the reviews say?

The game has a user Metacritic score of 6.1/10 and has been rated Very Positive on average by over 10,000 players.

Age rating


The game has been rated PEGI 7 and contains non-realistic violence in a child-friendly context.

Is Secret Neighbor crossplay?

Yes, Secret Neighbor is 100% cross-platform, so you can play with any player regardless of the device used to play.

Is Secret Neighbor split screen?

Yes, you can play up to 4 friends simultaneously on the same screen.

Is Secret Neighbor the same as Hello Neighbor?

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer spin-off of the single-player survival horror stealth game Hello Neighbor,

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