My laptop Browsers won't connect to the web

Phan - Dec 11, 2008 at 12:50 PM
 April - Oct 10, 2012 at 03:16 PM
Hello, call me Phan.

I have a Dell laptop, windows vista, and I have had it since August. Everything works on it just fine. But yesterday when I turned my laptop on I recieved a few messages I never get. The Dell chat center that automatically comes up and connects to the internet said it could not connect to the internet. That was strange since I was getting a connection and my computer said I was connected. Then I tried to get online and neither Firefox nor IE would load a page. IE says the page cannot be displayed (for every website) and Firefox (my usual browser) will just load a blank page. Thats not all though, when I close the browsers out then I get a pop up message saying "Firefox/IE has stopped working. Check online for a solution? or Close program?" I tried to check online for a solution but nothing happens. Right now I'm on the internet but through the windows help and support. I don't see how it's working but If I try to get online myself I can't. Anything on my laptop that automatically connects to the internet when my computer starts up doesn't work. Like MSN messenger.

So, I have a connection, a strong connection, but nothing is connecting. What's wrong with my laptop? BTW: this is day 2 that it's doing this. Oh, and all the other computers in the house are not having this problem and they are all wireless.

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Go to the properties on your wireless adapter. In the "This connection uses the following items" box, uncheck the internet protocol version6 (tcp/ipv6) box. Most routers dont support this protocol. Unless you have a N router. Then restart your pc. That how I fixed mine. I also have a dell inspiron 1525 that suddendly didn't get online.
Hope this helps.
OMG, Mine just started and it is going on Day two.... how did you resolve this problem?
Meggan > Crissylovin
Mar 22, 2009 at 08:00 PM
I'm having the same problem and I don't know what to do.
So Fustrated Right now > Crissylovin
Jun 24, 2009 at 05:03 PM
i have the same problem! I was on my laptop (Dell inspiron 1525) late last night and it wouldn't open! It opened then closed like 2 seconds later! It said"do u want to send this problem to microsoft (or dell)" so I clicked yes, but no response! So I got an apple update and I installed it. So it installed Safari(4), and I can go on Safari but not my regular internet browser?!?!?!?! help!!!!!!
Calvin > Crissylovin
Apr 9, 2010 at 04:41 AM
Thx its really work lol xD
i > Crissylovin
Apr 11, 2010 at 02:10 PM
OMG I was havn the same damn problem n cudnt figure out why...none of my browsers didn't work they just wudnt load at all n then I found this forum and did exactly wat was said above....I also updated my anitivrus as well an then it worked pronto.....thanks a lot peepz ur tha best...
The culprit is definitly NORTON... I used the norton removal tool, and internet works perfectly again. You can get it from the norton website or by typing it on google.

Unistalling Norton from the computer does not completely remove all the components. The tool is required to remove everything.
Hi JB,

where did you find the Norton Removal Tool. I cant download from any site cos I cant connect to internet.
Norton removal tool for anybody looking for it, choose the option that suits your application:
I am starting to wonder if this is a Vista issue. In the task scheduler, under Microsoft --> Windows --> Network Access Protection there is a task called NAPStatus UI. It will run Network Access Protection upon logon or after a system event 18. NAP is intended to keep unhealthy computers off a network. Perhaps pending installation of updates (system event 18) is triggering my loss of network access. Looking at my system event log, there appears to be a strong correlation to system event 18s and my encounters with lost network access. To test this hypothesis, I disabled one of the two triggers for this task. There must be another piece to the puzzle however. There are five other Vista machines on either my home or work networks that do not encounter this problem.
Same issue on my laptop. Windows Vista and Norton Anti-Virus. I have a solid connection, I have successful pings to other computers on my network and on the internet. I could not ping the laptop however. IE comes up with blank pages.

I uninstalled Norton Antivirus and it works fine now. Got my internet back and can successfully ping the laptop.

Time to find another anti-virus it seems.
hey how did you uninstall the norton antivirus all the way it is keeping my computer from accessing any browesers too I am very frusteradting and I went into as much as I could to delete it but I dont think I deleted it out of some where it is still running somehow where else did I forget can you help thanks
Andy to completely remove norton so it leaves nothing behind use the removal tool from here:
Worked with this recommendation! Huge thanks!!!!

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I unistalled Norton and it worked. I restarted my computer and was able to access. Thanks to all for the advice.

For those of you who are not familiar with how to do this:
Control Panel
Unistall a program(Add or remove programs/programs)
Select what you wnat to unistall
Restart your computer after you have unistalled and try to access again.

Hope this works out for you.
Hi, this is what I did on my Acer 4520 laptop. And it sure did solved my problem. But I have to warn you that you need to backup all of your important files first. For your information, I did try to do all the things being said in this forum, but unfortunately it didn't work on my laptop. So, to save a lot of unproductive time wasted. I did the following steps: Again Back up those important files!!!

1. Have your copy of the Operating System and device drivers of your machine. If you have a recovery disk, MUCH BETTER!!!
2. REFORMAT your hard drive. Reinstall the OS and Device drivers.
3. Setup your internet connection. Hopefully you can browse the internet now.
4. Make sure you INSTALL first the Anti-virus Program before surfing the net. UPDATE it ASAP!!! in my case I have 2 different Antivirus program running at the same time. (Immunize/give flu shots to your system first :-)
5. At the same time Check the security status of your OS. Specially the firewall. UPDATE IT ASAP!!!
6.Update your OS using (I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium) windows update program.
7. download other browsers, like firefox, opera, etc. IE8 seems to be promising...hopefully. Firefox is my default browser now.
8. create a system restore point.

That's it! I hope it will work on your machine too.
I have Dell Insporon 1545. I couldn't connect to my wireless connection. The other computers in my house worked though. There should be a button on your keyboard, 3rd upper button from left ( in my computer same button as F2, than there's some other sign on it to). Try to click this button and see if you can get connected. It worked for me!
Reformatting should always be the last resort... It will usually solve all most all software issue, but the hassle is usually more than whats its worth.
slimmerkins > Molotov
Nov 16, 2009 at 03:36 PM
Hey all, had the same problem listed above, the way I resolved the issue (after trying everything else) I went into McAfee Firewall settings and granted Firefox access. Firefox started working right away.

So there's no need to trash your virus protection software or wipe your system clean.
mikel123 > slimmerkins
Dec 12, 2009 at 04:28 AM
can some oone helppppp none of my browsers word dammmmmmm ..
Hello guys

I had the same problem with the internet, and i'm not on a dell, I have a HP Pavilion dv4-1412la, I tried all the things that you can imagine but nothing resolved the issue, I had to restore the pc to it's factory settings by formating it and reinstalling everything. That solve the issue.... but I knew that it was something that could have been solved in way less radical. After all this I figured out that the problem was not due a spyware or any kind of virus, it was due to a P2P program called Ares, i'm not telling that this software is a malware or dangerous in any kind of way, but a friend of mine told me that he had the same problem and when he was running ares the browsers won't work but when he restarted the pc and closed ares the browsers worked fine, I tryed that on my laptop and it was true (at least in my case). So if you have any p2p software running try to close it, unmark it from the start up (you now.... type msconfig on the run menu......) and restart the pc, if the browsers woork fine Voila!!. If that's the problem and you still want to use the p2p software I think that you'll have to see if maybe the p2p is having any problems with the ports; if thats the case just give to it any other port and make sure that you open that port in your modem.

I hope this help you anyhow
shrikanth hulisandra
Nov 17, 2009 at 08:02 AM

Problem I faced :
# Everything was fine untill one day I uninstalled Norton Antivirus on my compaq laptop with Vista OS.
# IE, Firefox, Chrome -> none of these could connect to internet (Page not found error) after uninstalling Norton.
# Tried all possible things with Tools > Internet Options ... nothing helped
# Deleted the remaining files from Norton installation folder, norton entries in the Registry... nothing helped.

Result :

Thought :
Wish I could get back to a state I was before uninstalling this Norton Antivirus.

This thought made me look for tools that can help me restore my system to the old nice state.

System Restore tool of windows !

Best thing about this System Restore :
Restores the system back to the date we choose.. but does not affect the photos, documents that we have stored :) [as far as I read about the tool and I saw on my system... I may be wrong though.... please do not hold me responsible, if u run System Restore and loose data or face any other problems].

I suggest u read about the tool and decide if u want to run it or not. I'm just saying what worked for me.

How to run System Restore :
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > Choose a different Restore Point > Next

Now, choose a suitable data .. in my case, I chose a date that was before I had uninstalled the Notrol suite.

The system will run restore and reboot the system (may take several minutes).

When the system restarted I was able to access all my favourite websites from all browsers. :)

Hope this helps !
i can not even get to system restore, windows features on any programs are not working, ( nothing!!!
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Dear Phan, first u have check IE browser setting. goto tools ---> internet Option --> select connections --> add connection if u connect with LAN(Ethernet cable) so u have go to lan setting and insert your net provider ip with port number. if not so add dialup coonection. I hope u should do.
Hello everyone, I have read and had this problem till a few seconds ago. From what I have read, is a process of elimination eventually. But the most common answer was removing antivirus programs, so on my lap top I had kerpesky and was expired. I had it turn off till I renew it but since I had the problem on having internet but the brower wont connect I said why not and I just unistall it and everything is fine now. So maybe thats your answer, remove your antivirus sofware and see if you can get back to normal. Good luck
I was having this same problem last night so seems that problem to mind is that norton XD so if you have norton and can connect to internet but can't browse go and download norton removal cos removing it to the control panel itself won't do anything XD so I went and download it and nows it all working now.. I hope this help with you guys too :D
Sounds like a problem I just saw on a laptop in our office. Not sure what the cause was but the solution was to go to IE, Tools, Internet Options, select the Advanced tab, and finally click the Reset button. Resetting all IE settings corrected the problem as soon as I restarted IE.

Hope that helps.
This worked on my Vista HP laptop also. After installing SP2, IE and other apps would not connect. Resetting all the IE settings as described fixed the issue. Thanks!
Thank you so much, that fixed the problem :0)
Mar 6, 2010 at 10:51 PM
Just had to respond to your fix to my worked perfectly!! I took my laptop to Cali with me a couple of months ago and could never connect to the internet through internet explorer once I got out there or at I can get online with my laptop again...thanks so much for your fix!
You could have lots of problems that could make you PC work not so good.
Tonight I had a similar problem that I solve removing Norton Security Suite.
I try to remove Norton just from add/remove applications and after that (after restart) I lost my web connections.
I was here looking for help but ...
I found an application that completly removes Norton and after that my connections worked again.
Norton seems to be the culprit because when I removed Norton from my laptop in order to replace it with another antivirus program, that's exactly when my IE stopped working. What application did you find that removed Norton completely? Thanks.
Nevermind, I found the tool. It worked like magic! Everything is back to normal!
Man! This has been the biggest headache for me and my dad the past few days! I have a Dell Inspiron 1705 and all of a sudden the internet quit working and I had signal. I'm pretty computer savvy and my dad is a systems administrator for a living so it had everyone stumped, even my friends in IT. I uninstalled almost everything in my computer. I was about to admit defeat and take it to Geek Squad but I had to make one last ditch effort and look for the answer online. You guys rock! I uninstalled Norton and my computer is running GREAT ...AND it's sooo FAST now! I HATE Norton. Never really used it anyway.

Again, a million thanks to all who posted because you saved me a couple hundred dollars in repair fees!
My lap top is doing the sametthing but I don't have Norton. What do I do now?
If you have a Dell Inspiron 1545 than there is a button in the upper left corner. Third button from left (on my computer the F2 button). Clicking this button should turn on your wireless network. It worked for me!
I already posted this long time ago; but i'm doing it again.

I had the same problem on my new Pavilion dv4-1412la; the messenger, Skype, and ICQ worked but the browsers like IE and Firefox don't, every time I tryed to open a page it just stayed loading but never was able to load the page. I did everything but ended without an answer for the problem. I formated the laptop and reinstalled the windows with the recovery disc. once I started the windows again the problem was solved, but a week later the problem started again, I went back to an old restauration point and the problem got solve again, then was when I figured it out, the only program that was rolled back with the restauration point was "Ares" a p2p program (i'm sure that you all know this one). After I uninstalled ares and rebooted the laptop the problem was solved; I think the problem is that some of those p2p download programs sometimes mess up your ports configuration, and that leads to the navigation problem. Also I used NIS 2009 because the laptop came with it and there wasn't a problem with it, but nevertheless there are a lot better antivirus programs like bitdefender. Well I suggest you try this and tell me if it helped.
Had same problem with my asus laptop. Windows vista with norton.. Happened straight after I installed updates.. Uninstalled norton, problem fixed..
Look at your function might see an icon that looks like an antenna (mine was F2), and you may have pushed that accidentally. This key deactivates your connection to the internet. Hit it again and you will connect again.
Try resetting the wireless router, pull the power, then turn your computer off. Keep it off for 30 seconds, then turn both back on.
I had this problem a while back, one day turned on my computer and it would not work. After a lot of tinkering, I found it to be that nortons anti virus was giving the fits. Then about 2 weeks later my dads computer did the same thing, and again it was nortons. So I would take a look and see if you can delete nortons off. 99% of the time you can not just delete it off, you have to go to their site and download a program that is a nortons removing program to get it fully off. I hope this helps