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I am having a problam with the internat explorer on my computer. There is a connection as msn messenger works but no matter what I try I cant seem to get the internet. when I try to look at a page I just get "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". I then click diagnose copnnection problems and it tells me that
" windows cannot connect to the in internet using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP, this is probably caused by firewall settings on ur computer.
check firewall settings for the http port 80,https port 443 and ftp port 21"
i cant seem to find out how to check these settings.... can anyone help???
Thankyou!! xx

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first check if your ip and your DNS are automatically obtained... do the following

I had the same EXACT problem and this resolved my issue right away.

1. click start>control panel
2. in classic view open the icon for network connections
3. right click on the icon for Local Area Connection and choose properties
4. in the local area connection properties window click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click on properties
5. In the next window that opened make sure that Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically both have the green button on them... click apply and then OK...

you can further optimize your browser setting by doing the following...

1. in the control panel window open the icon for internet options (make sure that there is an entry for your homepage section. if you don't have any try putting or any website you prefer IE to load upon opening)
2. click on the security tab
3. look into the part where it says security level for this zone and find the default level button, click on it
4. go to the privacy tab click also on the default button
5. go to the connections tab, look for the button for LAN Settings, click on it
6. under the lan settings window make sure that Automatically Detect settings is the only item checked...
7. go to the advanced tab and click on the Restore Defaults button
8. click apply and OK
9. close your internet explorer browser and reopen it... your default home page should load automatically

hope this helps...
Thank you

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every time I click on the internet exploer icon it opens the internet properties, it wont open a web page any ideas on what could be wrong and how to fix it?
Thank you so much! It worked like a charm!!!
Thanks so much I was having the same problem and these steps worked for me.
thanks...... and it did help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so so much. I was at wits end. Xoxo
I could not access the internet and I went to control panel/internet options/connections/LAN settings. When you get to the LAN settings uncheck everything, this should work, it worked for me
If you recently uninstalled Norton Antivirus reinstall it. NOrton blocks the internet explorer connection if it is not deleted properly
Did you end up getting this problem fixed? I have the exact same thing happening to me and would love to know how to fix it without having to take my computer in to the shop. I can check and send email on Outlook Express but just can't get on the internet! SO frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> Jassi Bains
it worked!! thank you! I thought I had a virus. not sure how the setting got changed..
Your are the man! A virus screwed this up and I had to use firefox and even that only works part of the time . I was able to connect to IE for the first time in weeks Thanks now all I have to do it fix outlook express so it stops putting all my mail in the trash and wont show any pictures and I'll be back to normal!
Did you ever resolve the problem of not being able to get internet access with IE? I have the same problem and the listed fix did not work for me either. How did you finally get your IE back up and working? Thanks, Chris.
also something like that happens to me once and was windows firewall IE was marked as an exception so uncheck that by right clicking in the internet icon (right bottom part of your screen two little blinking monitors icon) then a drop down box comes up go to where it says change windows firewall settings then once the box pops up click on exceptions tab then uncheck IE or what ever browser is not working then click ok, try to reopen browser again.
thank you! this really helps! got my internet connection back now. :)
This is the solution for me from above (Jassis) I copied the post above.

Thanks gg

I had the same problem when accessing IE7. Saying stuff about ports HTTP, HTTPS, & FTP.
I looked up many cites to fix the problem & the only solution that worked for me was
to go to

1.internet options & click on the connections tab
2.And then click on LAN settings & unclick everything.
3. And then click apply & ok.
Thank You! I had a malware yesterday and lost internet connection, system restored to before attack, rebooted and cleaned in Safe Mode without any luck going back to internet. Then I used your example and OMG all is well. And I created a new restore point. Again: THANK YOU!
this one worked for me, thanks
Thanks gg. That worked for me. (unclicking the LAN connections)
thank you so much for this step ny step on fixing my connections,thanks again
Thanks, Worked for me too but, just need to make it CLEAR that you need to Untick all the options in "Proxy Server" in the Connections tab> LAN settings.
I tried all of the suggestions about resetting defaults etc and none of it worked. Here is what may help you to help me-This all began when I removed zonealarm security suite and installed avast. I disabled my internet connection before installing avast, but it seems like it automatically reenabled it and then I couldn't use browser. the odd thing is, I tried uninstalling avast, then I was able to use my browser without a problem, but I have to have an antivirus software in the computer. It seems to have something to do with the avast download.Can you help?
It ain't Avast it's Zone alarm, I guarantee it.
It wont work! aghhhh im going insane! there is no apply button please help me :(
I got same problem IE and chrome didnt work but mozilla was so I start looking in internet and came across this directions and it work,
open internet explorer,go tools,internet options, connections,then click in lan setting button once there uncheck everything in proxy server area and only check the box where it says automatically detect setting in the automatic configuration area, everything else should bu unchecked.
it work for me!now after 6 months using firefox only im glad I got IE back.
Eli.. you rock! It worked. thank you so much!
THANK YOU!! I was having s similar problem. I could connect to the internet but could not use any browser. YIPPEE, this actually worked!
Son-of-a-gun! All that time I wasted...should have come here first. Thanks a million!
I was content using Firefox, but this IE connection issue had been eating away at my dreams. Thanks a bunch, Eli!
you are a genius!!!!!!
i can add printer becouse my my quick heal firewall service is not open
The resolve..thank you..I was having the same problem and I followed your steps..worked perfectly!! Thanks a million
tried the suggestions it worked thank God for google and the internet. Information Highway it is there but you have to SEEK then you will find.
Thanks JASSI It really works!
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JASSI - that quick solution did the trick. I've been struggling for 2 weeks (started with MALWARE issue, many boots and uninstall/reinstall AV and Spybot stuff to "CLEAN")....thought I was good then couldn't connect to internet. FIREFOX worked but I couldn't upload to VIMEO; IE8 didn't work at all. Even Zone Alarm (which I resintalled) couldn't connect to download the updates). I fixed the IE8 settings just as you said....and it WORKED! OMG you're a lifesaver - THANKS!!
Thanks sooooooooooo much!!
Jassi Bains, thank you that worked great. I had tried everything else with no luck.
but what you told me work in just seconds. thank you, thank you.

where do I send the check.
cannot connect to internet using internet explorer
tools->internet options->connections->lan settings and check the box "automatically detect settings"
If the virus isn't allowing you to go on the internet, of course telling you to download the software is useless. Try system restore, click on start and type in system restore. You will be asked if you want to restore or recover your system, check system restore because recovery will put your computer back to factory settings, losing all you files , picture, ect. In system restore use the recommended settings. This will put everything back to before the virus attacked. No files , pictures , ect. will be lost. It worked for me. I hope this works for anyone have this problem. It's soooo frustrating.

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