My keyboard works on start up but then- NOT! [Closed]

 Nils from sweden -
as i stated above, i have a keyboard that works on other computers but when plugged into mine it turns off once i logged into windows.

Iv uninstalled previous drivers
i installed them from the logitech website
iv changed what usb port im using
then i went into device manager and found that my computer detects the keyboard as an other device and not a keyboard.

can anyone help??

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Try Safe Mode. If it works then, you know it's a driver issue (most likely it IS a driver issue)

You might want to read this Microsoft web page:

Good Luck

Doesnt work in safe mode either.

look at the comment on my question for the rest of the info, it wont let me repost it.

thanks though.

Doesnt work in safe mode either...
anyone got any ideas?

i still think it has to do with the computer detecting the keyboard as an "other device" in the device manager but it doesnt seem like this problem happens often so theres no info online for it

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