XP automatically shuts down when restarted

 Jay -

I am very new here, I have a problem of my PC. I have Asus Mobo,P4 3.0 Ghz processor,
80 GB PATA HDD. During XP Installation, after 1st phase when the file is coppieed , machine needs restart.
when i enter for restart its shutting down.It is again strarting from first. so by this i am unable to install XP .

Its happening everytime.
Plz help me, Waiting for solution.

Bye, thanx in advance

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Check Your RAM & Power Supply the Solved your Problem
Thank you

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hey, many thanx for your reply, But initially i also thought of RAM and Power supply, so i bought new ZION 1 gb ram and i checked my SMPS by professional through multimeter. Its error free. Still its not solved, Do u have any better idea? it will help me a lot.

Bye, waiting for your reply.