Trouble upgrading to itunes 8

nahman - Nov 22, 2008 at 11:06 PM
 Chris - Sep 13, 2009 at 09:09 PM
Hello,i am using windows xp and i have an older version of itunes, but now need to upgrade to itune 8 b/c i just purchased an iphone. i am not what you would call computer savy. i simply know how to do what i need to do on it. when i got to the apple site and click to download itunes 8 (which i have numerous times) after a few seconds it bring me to a new page that states "thank you for downloading itunes 8" but the "run/save" window never appears for me?? any suggestions?

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nevermind everybody, i found a pretty simple solution to my problem. if anybody ever has a similar problem to this i would suggest using an alternate web browser and trying the instalation process again. instead of suing internet explorer i enede dup using mozilla and everything ran smoothly
Well I have used both web browsers and both still are doing crazy stuff for each one. Both different, but still not working.
hey yeah the same thing happened too me but i dont know how too installe it am having trouble shooting any one wanna help mee out??? =/
I'm having the exact same problem, except it is iTunes 9.0. I'm only aware of having one web browser (IE) on my computer. If anyone has any other advice, I would really appreciate it.