How can i restore my computer with the copy

icalby - Nov 23, 2008 at 09:01 AM
 Allen - Jan 3, 2009 at 06:55 PM
My comp started stating Ntldr eror on start up press alt, contrl,del.... did this but no good. sadly restored comp using built in restore. windows re installed ut lost loads.
did copy my hard drive with what i believe to be mirror image to the pull out hp media drive. Trying to now reinstall all this backonto the original hard drive but not having a lot of luck. cant remember what the softare was that i used to do the mirror image but it was free on cnet or magor geeks.... any help would be greatly appreciated... alby

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hi percy, sorry, it didnt sound very clear eh..
I have recovered my computer a HP with media and built in pull out extra hard drive.
It loaded new windows xp but i havent got any of my files and a lot of the software is missing.
3wks a go I managed to find and download program which allowed me to create a mirror copy of the c disc hard drive onto the external hardrive before the computer crashed.
Im trying to now copy that file back onto the computer hard drive and hopefully overwrite with the old files and software and enable me to get back to normal.
Hope this is a bit clearer. cheers alby
how to recover my restore point
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Nov 23, 2008 at 09:44 AM
I didn't really get your question...what kind of help you need?
Hi there, I been having a lot of problems with my HP.wireless printer, and after hours per day with hp support, I found the best way is to create a restore point in your computer when things are working just right, then you can restore to that point. I have done that over and over, and it works. I am using windows xp professional.
My Dell Desktop boots but then locks up once it gets to Windows. I am running XP. I have tried the Restore To An Earlier Point several times but it doesnt seem to work. I try using F8 / Safe mode but havent had much luck there. I dont see any other way to restore using F8. There is nothing on this computer I am worried about loosing. I just want a fresh factory setting. I am pretty sure this whole mess is due to a Virus or such that I picked up during a download.