DVD drive causes reboot on insertion of disc

Geoffwessex - Nov 23, 2008 at 02:15 PM
 larzanth - Jun 21, 2010 at 09:15 AM

Starting to get really confused now. I had been happily running an older LG DVD Drive (HL DT ST GSA H10A) until a few weeks ago, when it started to reboot whenever I inserted a disc. No drivers to update, as far as I could discover, so I gave up and got a new drive (LG HL DT ST DVDRAM GH22LP20). No difference at all - obviously something else is causing the trouble. Can't find what it is, Device Manager says it's working properly, tried the useless "Windows Troubleshooter", deleted InCD and Nero burner just in case something was corrupted. Still the same. Cannot track down any firmware updates and cannot install the CD that came with the new Drive.

Win XP(sp3)

Any help appreciated. Thanks,

Geoff Wessex

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It is confirmed: it was the power-supply unit failure that caused all those weird simptoms.
I replaced for a recent 400W unit and all worked well.

hi antonio please help i'm no computer expert but I need some serious help. my pc is doing the same thing whenever I put a dvd or cd in it just reboots. and even when i'm just working now it will reboot itself out of nowhere. how does the power supply do that all of a sudden if its not that can someone tell me how to clean my fan so as to check if its not that. please please HELP!

My PC has exactly the same simptoms. After inserting a DVD or CD, when closing the drawer, the machine reboots! If I kept the cd inside the drive, it kept rebooting or didn't boot at all.

Also, the machine hanged some times when browsing the net, so I thought it could be some physical error in the HD or the DVD-RW drive (LG), so I looked for fresh drivers for DVD drive. Didn't solve.
Tested the HD on another system, scanned extensively for physical errors and it was fine. Not so bad, I thought.

Also, I connected the DVD-RW trough a USB2IDE adaptor, but the machine keeped rebooting.
I thought at this stage: it's not the ide cable, it's definitly the DVD-RW drive.

Then, I disconnected that drive, as I had a second drive still connected (Samsung DVD-Rom), hoping to test it on another machine, just to confirm it's the drive's fault, before I'd buy a new one.
Well, some days after that, the DVD-rom drive started doing the same!

And soon after that, some BSOD's refering to atapi.sys. I googled it and some guys were refering issues with daemon tools. Ok, I uninstalled daemon tools. Didn't solve. The machine keeped rebooting.

Meanwhile, I tested the dvd-rw on another machine and it worked like a charm! WHAT??

Well, I started thinking: if it's not the drive, it could be some problem with the BIOS, or the windows installation, or the power supply, the motherboard or even the PCTV board(Pinacle).
As a precaution, I uninstalled the PCTV board.

Suddenly, the machine couldn't boot properly, not even in secure mode. AHHhhhhhhhhh.

I applied BIOS update wich didn't sove the problem.
Then, I started reinstalling XP (SP2) over the same installation, so I could preserve all the apps.
Couldn't pass the 34 minute hickup, because the machine would hang and bsod'ed. Damn !

Looking at the logs during the installation (nice trick!), I found that it could be leftovers from daemon tools.
Then, after managing to get pass the 34 minutes, the machine bsod'ed at 29.
Somehow, it seemed it was again the drive to hang (now the dvd-rom one).
Tried to copy i386 directory to the HD, but it would hang at some point of the xcopy process, going bsod...

Couldn't do it anymore. I'm going crazy, because there has been weeks doing this, only at night at 1 or 2 a.m. and I needed to sleep properly as I go to work early in the morning.

Some days later, I renamed the old windows sp2 installation directories and started a fresh install, this time with a SP3 CD and just the dvd-rom.
It all went fine and I was thrilled to have the machine up and running in such a good condition.
I installed some drivers and used the DVD-rom, with no problems.

I was getting my sanity back when I decided to test once again the DVD-RW.
BSOD again! Then, I reverted to dvd-rom only, and the machine got the same behaviour than before: reboots when I inserted some dvd/cd.

Well, at this point at least one point is clear: it is not software!
I guess it is the power-supply unit or motherboard, so I have to test it with another PSU to end this.

I'll post back when it is done.

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Nov 23, 2008 at 07:41 PM
Go into msconfig, and restart in diagnostic mode. IF the DVD plays perfectly then you have a driver conflict. You might update or backout the IDE driver.
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Nov 24, 2008 at 12:56 PM
Unfortunately, that still did not get it working. I've just re-installed XP SP3 - maybe that will replace a file or two. I'm starting to suspect the ATAPI.SYS file. I ran a System File Scan earlier, with no problems reported. Doing another one now (after the SP3 re-install) and it wants me to put the Windows XP CD into the drive "Files that are required for WIndows to run properly must be copied to the DLL Cache. Insert your Windows XP Home edition CD-ROM now". ........ I'll give it a go but probably get rebooted.
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Dec 2, 2008 at 04:01 PM
Hi Geoff, I have the same problem. Did you sort yours out?
Thanks Antonio, A new p/s fixed my problem aswell

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DVDdecrypter caused my pc to reboot everytime I inserted a dvd into my dvdplayer. I uninstalled it, problem fixed :D
I highly recommend taking a look in your logs. My system was experiencing the same issues you've described. I went into my logs, and in the Application log I discovered a conflict that Windows was having with an installed program. I uninstalled the program, rebooted, and the issue went away. In my case, the issue was an outdated DVD-RAM driver that had been installed.

However, each case may be different. In each case, it is important to review the system logs for any warning or critical error messages. The logs really do provide a lot of help.

To get to the system logs, right-click on My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista/7) and select Manage. When the Computer Management window comes up expand Event Viewer and click on each log to view.

The security log probably won't be of any use as this only records audits of mostly log ons and log offs (unless you've specified anything else to be audited).
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Nov 23, 2008 at 07:40 PM
Latest...... I added the firmware update. Everything appears normal and working but my computer reboots whenever I insert a disc. I also tried a pure data disc (with just photographs) just in case Autorun was causing the problem but get same result.
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Dec 2, 2008 at 04:46 PM
No, Nemo, sorry.......... still have no DVD drive. I think I'll have to get the computer into a shop. I've tried everything I can think of, though, so the only thing extra they can do is at least see if they can run an external DVD drive somehow so that the System File Check could work (it needs to have the Windows disc in the drive) and they could install new software or run diagnostics on it.
> > > Have you tried to change the IDE cable? < < <
I know this is kind of an old post, but did you ever get this solved? This sounds pretty much exactly like what's been happening to me as well. If it really does just require a cable switch, that would be incredible. :)
Tom.... it's solved now, but in a surprising way. Not long after the DVD problem, I started to get random re-booting. While checking the web for any driver updates I could find I put on a few that didn't seem to work. I opened up the tower and brushed around, thinking I'd remove some dust. Situation didn't change so I took it in to the place I bought it. They delved a lot deeper than I would and found that the main processor fan was clogged up inside with dust! They cleaned it up, got rid of unnecessary drivers I'd loaded and it's back working as well as when I first bought it. Cost.... $90 - about 40 pounds. Worth every penny. Possibly the fan filter isn't the best designed thing in the world but I now know how to clean it up every few months.
so kind of the same deal with a twist, my roomate has a sattelite a300 that during an automatic update crapped out on him. his comp now says "bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart" that old chestnut. so I told him to put the vista 64 bit recovery disc, it just kept rebooting. so I burned an iso of another vista recovery disc, it now says "push any button to boot from cd or dvd" whenever I push that it reboots, I think it is a mixture of two problems but dont know how to go about fixing either. thank you.
Your system specs would be helpful but im going to assume that your computer is a standard rig and you haven't built a custom gaming rig or something of that nature... if this is the case and you haven't made alot of changes to the standard system I suggest you try a bigger power supply... 450w is probably a good start... and you can pick them up at tiger direct for about 30 bucks...
hope this helps
Antonio Thanks. It was the power supply I change and everything works fine. thanks a lote:)