Windows Messenger all my contacts are blocked

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I signed on to windows msn for mac and all my contacts popped up to be accepted again and then when i accepted them, they all became blocked? I don't know what happened?? I tried unstalling it and re downloading it and they were still blocked. Do I have some sort of virus? what do I do?

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Thanks I fixed the problem :)
Here's what I found to fix it
1. shut msn down
2. open up /user/library/preferences/microsoft/
3. remove "Microsoft Messenger User Cache.plist"

Thanks for your help.
Thank you

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Brilliant - thank you!!!
Great! Worked!
Thanks a lot!
Thanks this worked!!!
Thanks a bunch! Worked for me.
thanx sooo much i worked perfectly :)
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try this 1

login into your account-->click on the "Options" (you can find it at top right corner)
--->then click on "More Options"--->in "Junk email section" ----> click on "Safe and blocked senders"--->click on "Blocked senders"---> then remove the blocked contacts.
Just select the contact's from the Blocked senders: and click on "Remove from the list"
I tried what you said...but I think those options are only for my email because none of my contacts were in there? Is there anything else I can try?? Thanks
This also happened to me, Only thing I did before was to update Itunes, I think this this what is causing the problem. I you recently updated your computer go back to the earlier settings and see if it changes anything
thanks a lot ! it's looks to be fixed now !

Sweet...Thanks Hammy Girl!!
great! thanks