Random screen black out

 polly -
Hello, I have a HP dv6700. the screen recently started blacking out at random times. I can partially close the lid and reopen it and it comes back on. Closing the lid makes the computer sleep. Can anyone suggests a fix. i have already reformatted/reinstalled os (vista) from factory discs, upgraded all drivers, and read through most of the posts on this site. I do not have to reboot each time, just slightly shut the lid. I mostly have the my computer plugged in, so its not running off the battery. I did recently pull the battery out to check it for recall info, it was not one of the batteries involved.

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Dear Polly,

Please consider checking whether you need to have your graphic card driver updated to get the problem fixed.

Thank you.
I did that and it didnt make any difference. Also it doesnt seem to have any pattern to it. blacked out while typing this message