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hai, it is a new laptop with windows 7, I only created administrator password,i didn't give any user account name and password, (yesterday when iam try to open some players to watch films, I have seen pop uo sing came and I open it and I click to open for temporarily and it show some error. I close it and shutdown. Nexy day I open windows open normally and immediately it closed.
i can't go in to windows in normal mode but I can go in safe mode.). if I type adminsitrator password correctly, it is showing your account has been disabled. please see your system administrator. If I give worng password, it is showing incorrect password. Then I went in to safe mode and I remove the passwrod, again the same (but it is not asking any passwrod). can u give me sloution. thk

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Hi farook,

Try this 1,

To go "Safe Mode" and follow these instructions.

1) Right click on "My Computer"-----> click on "Manage"--> "Computer

Management" Window will be opened.

2) At left side double click on "Local Users and Groups" ----> under it, click on

"Users"---->Now at the right click you can find all the users.

3) Now select your user and right click on it----->Select "Properties"---->then

uncheck the checkbox "Account is disabled". (Note: if account is locked option

is also selected, then uncheck that option also)

Then Click on OK--->close the computer management window

4) Restart your PC and try to login in normal mode.
Thank you sir
Thanks Boss
Good, Thanks....this is done..!!!
thanks allot
Thanks it worked for me