The apple logo stayed on forever!!

curious - Jul 3, 2010 at 04:34 AM
 Roland - Jul 7, 2010 at 09:53 PM

I have had my 32GB touch Ipod for only 3 days now and maybe I have used a total of 3 hours since I have had it. I plugged it up last night and charged it. Before I started charging I shut completly off and then started the charge. This morning when I turned it on the apple logo came up and then nothing else. I held the home and sleep button at same tima a couple of times. Tried touching the screen. Tried holding just the sleep button or the home button. I sat it down and the apple screen fadded and finally my regular screen came up. Seems to be working fine now... Is this something I should be worried about?? Should I take it back.. I hate to have something that I have only used a couple times not working right???

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Jul 5, 2010 at 06:02 AM
Dear Sir,

Please consider restoring it to factory settings in order to get the problem fixed.

Thank you.
I think you should take it back, that is indicative of further problems down the road with it. Just get a new one and cross your fingers. I'm trying to fix one that I had the same problem with (put it on the charger on the 4th, tried turning it on the 5th and it won't load past the apple logo). So take it back is my advice, as restoring it to factory settings for me right now does not fix the problem.