VLC player opens after opening a folder [Solved/Closed]


I am using windows XP and I have tried many forums with no help everytime I try to open up a folder or file all I get is the vlc player starting ,I have tried Combofix but it won't accept registration ?
It has been a week now and I 'm losing my mind ,Any help PLEASE !

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Thank you

try this 1

Click on Start ---> Run --->type regedt32 and click on OK.

Registry editor will be opened.

Navigate to this location.


now click on "Shell"

At the right side there will be a file "Default". It's value should be none.

If its not set to none, then double click on default and type none and click on OK.

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Thank you very much.
thank you so much dear............ :)
Worked! Thank you for the useful info. Does this register value get changed because of virus?
i had the same problem and it made me crazy. thank you very much bro. cheers from Tehran
Thank you so much. You helped me with this. Idk what's with VLC to make problems like this!