How to lock file or folder in pen drive? [Solved/Closed]


How to lock file or folder in pendrive? The software may not work. As, in other computers, it may not work.

Please help!
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Hi there,

Here are the different applications to protect your data on pendrive:

Make your choice and download!


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create a folder in pen drive. save your data in this folder
right click on folder -->send to --> compress folder

a new compress folder create.
delete previous folder. and open compress folder and click file and choose set password.
very nice method brother
but is very time consuming
thank u very much I did it
I always use this method please tell me a new matter
i am not founding choose set password.
Thank you
Dear Sir,

You could also make use of the Folder Lock application. Please have it downloaded from the following address.

Thank you.
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Hey the folder lock that has been provided is a trial version.